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Jessica Beck
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Today you’ll learn how you can keep cool control on the Speaking Exam, and have the power over your score!

We’ve thought of three real situations you might face on your Speaking Exam, and we’ll talk about advice to handle each of them.

Speaking Exam Situation #1: Living the Dream

In one of our recent Facebook Live sessions, a student commented that she had just done her Speaking Exam, and the examiner was super friendly.

She said that usually she is shy, but the examiner was so nice that she was able to relax and perform at her peak potential.

This is what we hope happens to all of you! In this case, you get to talk to someone friendly, and you should be able to stay calm and remember all the vocabulary and strategies you have learned to get the highest score.

Speaking Exam Situation #2: The Angry Examiner

I recently interviewed a 3 Keys Student, Ragini, who got 7.5 on her Speaking Exam.

Right before her interview time, however, an examiner came out of her room and started yelling at some people that worked there to bring her coffee. Ragini was nervous when she realized that this was the examiner she would have to talk to.

However, she was able to calm herself down using our anti-anxiety techniques. Then, she brought the confidence she’d gained in her thorough preparation and utilized impressive vocabulary, exuding control. She probably made the examiner’s day!


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Also, remember that the examiner is also just a person, and perhaps is having a tough day. Maybe the negative impression on their face has nothing to do with you!

Move past it. Pretend you are talking to a friend, relax, and do your best.

The lesson here is to put in the hard work to prepare, so you are ready for anything on exam day.

Speaking Exam Situation #3: I Don’t Like the Examiner

I talked to a student recently who has taken the exam a couple times. Both times, she had the same examiner. The students felt that the examiner didn’t like her, and, to be honest, she didn’t like the examiner.

In order to take the fear out of the exam, choose a friend or loved one to help you. This person should pretend to be an examiner, and go through the whole exam with you.

Also, consider asking your friend to pretend to be mean or angry. Role-play the situation you are most afraid of. This activity should be fun, bringing humor into the context, which consequently takes the fear out of it as well.

Have you faced any difficult IELTS Speaking Exam situations?

Share your experience in the comments section below!

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