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Jessica Beck
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How can you question the question for a higher Speaking score on your next IELTS Exam?

Having confidence in yourself and how you express yourself is central to impressing the examiner on your test.

Your opinion is never wrong, so don’t be afraid to stand out and provide your honest feelings.

There are quite a few questions in IELTS Speaking Part 3 that ask you to compare men and women.

In general, these questions are very stereotypical, putting genders in traditional boxes. In fact, it bothers many examiners to ask these questions, as they are leading the candidate into misogyny.

In our responses today we’ll show you how to question these questions!

IELTS Part 3 question: Why do women like shopping more than men?

Stand-out phrases:

I’m a little disappointed that this is still a current question.

At least judging from my personal experience, I don’t think..

If you take my mom and my step-dad for example, …

One and done. Boom.

I wouldn’t think of him as effeminate, or having any quote unquote female characteristics. In fact, he was a detective and he carries a gun.

So, long story short, I don’t think women like shopping more than men.

Notice Jessica’s tone of voice, showing indignation at the premise of the question. Mimic Jessica’s pronunciation here!


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IELTS Part 3 question: Do men participate in more physical activity than women do?

Stand-out phrases:

Wow, I’m surprised by this question.

I’m sure I’d be expected to answer this in the affirmative, but I have to push back there and say not necessarily. 

My world was tennis.

I think it’s really a mistaken notion, the idea that men are more physically active than women are, or engage in sports more often.

Notice how she shifts from what is expected into what she really thinks!

Even if you are from a conservative country and these wouldn’t be your answers, you can still have views that are your own!

Honesty is always more interesting in your answers.

IELTS Part 3 question: Do women tend to talk more than men do?

Stand-out phrases:

This is a fascinating topic.

I feel like the notion of women talking more than men has a negative connotation, as if women talk more, but what they are talking about has no substance.

I think we are more able to voice our opinions and emotions, whereas men were brought up to stuff that down.

I think it might be true, but it’s not as negative as people paint it to be.

Notice the pauses in this answer for effect and emphasis!

How would you push back in your responses to these questions?

Share your opinions with us in the comments section below!


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