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mandys advanced vocab system video journalToday you’ll learn about Mandy’s advanced vocab. system and video journal, so you can also improve your IELTS skills!

Mandy is one of the most active students in our course’s Facebook group, and she wrote the best essay this month for our Writing Wizard Contest.

She says that before 3 Keys IELTS, she felt the exam was her Waterloo, an insurmountable obstacle.

To ‘meet your Waterloo‘ is an idiom referring to the battle of Waterloo, which Napoleon lost.

Mandy loves our Facebook group, interacting with Jessica and other motivated students to clear up any IELTS worries. She also loves the group features, such as insider tips, brainstorm challenges, and writing contests.

She decided to enter the contest this month, as soon as she finished the Writing module in 3 Keys.

You can see why she won just by looking at her first sentence of her Task 2 essay:

  • The quest for amelioration of worldwide transport systems and the unceasing probe for automotive modernization have been etched into the bloodstream of automakers for centuries; thus, the probable extension of utilization of self-driving cars is not impossible.

Mandy notes that the topic of this essay is familiar and common on IELTStransport and technology. Therefore, every candidate should be well-prepared with excellent vocabulary and ideas.


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The question this month was:

As technology develops, the likelihood of driverless cars is increasing.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of this?

Mandy has taken IELTS before, and received an overall 6.5, but she is aiming higher! That’s why she enrolled in 3 Keys IELTS.

Before preparing for her exam, she did not have any writing training. Now, she finds the brainstorming and templates in the course invaluable, finding 250 words easy to accomplish.

The way Mandy has excelled in writing is by using our strategies and filling them in with her own amazing vocab. and ideas.

  • The way she’s acquired this vocabulary is, first, through reading.
  • When she comes across a new word, she looks it up in the dictionary, and finds out how to use it.
  • Next, most importantly, she relates the new word to a person or situation that she is familiar with, like her ‘gregarious uncle’ or her ‘audacious friend’.
  • Finally, she learns how to pronounce it and repeats it several times.

To go above and beyond her IELTS preparation and study plan, she started a video diary. She films herself speaking every day, and posts it on Facebook.

Furthermore, she writes in a journal every night.

What do you think of Mandy’s advice?

Share your thoughts in the comments section below!


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