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Today you’ll find out the most recent IELTS 2019 Writing questions and how to answer them.

Yesterday, we talked about the most recent IELTS Speaking questions, as reported by a 3 Keys student who took the exam.

So today, we’ll dig into the Writing section. Our student, Ramesh, took the General Training Exam.

The Task 1 letter prompt was:

Write a letter to a friend. You are staying at this friend’s house, a storm occurred, and some damage happened to the house.

  • Describe the storm
  • Describe the damage
  • Suggest what can be done

In order to get a 7 or higher for Task in this letter, you must have most of your sentences directly connected to the bullet points.

Thus, don’t waste any words. Try to have just one sentence opening and closing the letter.

As this is an informal letter, you must use informal language for the appropriate tone.

Don’t think, however, that this only means ‘easy‘ words. High-level words are not necessarily only for formal writing!

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As to the first bullet point, you could say that there was a hurricane, rain was lashing at the window, and the extreme wind caused the door to rattle in its hinges.

For the damage, describe the garden that was wiped out and destroyed, and how the wind picked up a chair and blasted it through a window.

For the last point, offer to fix things while you are staying at the house alongside long-term fixes your friend will undertake. For instance, you’ll spend a couple hours outside re-potting and replanting, and tape up the window. However, your friend will have to replace the whole window pane.

Now, as for Task 2, the only difference between General and Academic is that the question for the former is a bit easier than the latter.

However, what you’re graded on is exactly the same.

His Task 2 prompt was:

Some believe that fast food has a negative impact on diet and lifestyle

Do you agree or disagree?

This is the rare question in which it is easier to write an opinion essay than an argument essay!

Also, note that this question already has two topics for your body paragraphs.

In paragraph 2, discuss the impact on diet, such as high sugar, fat and sodium content, leading to diabetes and obesity.

In the following paragraph, about lifestyle, you can say how the poor health the food causes leads to shortness of breath and the inability to be active.

Have you taken the IELTS Exam recently?

Share the questions you had below!

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