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Today you’ll learn a specific activity for improved IELTS Pronunciation scores.

In one of Jessica’s Personal Coach classes, she discovered an activity to help one of her students.

  • Notice
  • Ponder
  • Practice

In IELTS Speaking, you should exhibit varied and appropriate intonation and stress.

For instance, in Part 1, your answers will sound lighthearted and relaxed, while, in Part 3, you’ll likely sound more serious.

For relaxed positive answers, your voice goes up more often. When we are more formal, speaking of more serious subjects, we slow down a bit and exhibit more downward intonation.

Step 1: Notice

Find examples of native speakers communicating naturally (not like a teacher!).

Going out into the real world to talk to natives is the best option, but, if you don’t live in an English-speaking country, watch TV, YouTube videos, and movies.

Sitcoms like The Good Place, or Frasier, will show you funny, informal pronunciation, whereas dramas, like crime shows, will sound much different.

Also, interview shows, like The Daily Show, are excellent, as interviewees will begin by answering easy questions, like Speaking Part 1, ending with more serious answers, like Part 3.

Two podcasts you might check out are WTF and Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend.

Actively notice how native speakers’ pronunciation changes.

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Step 2: Ponder

Think about how and why the speakers’ pronunciation changed.

Then, think about when you would want to sound like that.

Step 3: Practice

Get a complete IELTS Speaking test, and mark the intonation you will use- more upward or more downward.

Speak out loud and focus on varying the way you sound!

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