Lindsay McMahon
"The English Adventurer"
Jessica Beck
"Director of IELTS Training"

How can you achieve a higher score in IELTS?

You can do it by getting closer to the English language and feeling more comfortable with it.

We want you to walk into the building on test day and own your Speaking test or your Writing test.

That is why you can’t ONLY do practice tests.

There is so much more that you need to do to get that 7 or higher.

Today we’ll show you the resources that you can use to get that score that you want.

Successful IELTS candidates always get excited about English.

They re rekindle their excitement for English.

What can you do to rekindle your excitement about English and get your 7 or higher? Find out in this episode.

Strategies Created By a Former Examiner

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This is a place where you can quickly increase your score on IELTS if you can learn to speak in a more natural way.

Learn about connected speech! Native speakers tend to blend together their words. Elision is one thing that natives do.

They make sounds disappear.

You can incorporate this speech pattern into your own language to make the Examiner think that you are a 7 student.

This is also a listening skill and it will help you keep track of what you are hearing on the Listening test.

Click here to listen and find out how to hang on when natives speak fast.

Fluency and Coherence

How can you improve your fluency and coherence? You want to start thinking in English.

How can you do that?

In Episode 1187 we showed you a strategy with multiple steps that you can follow to start thinking in English.

You’ll learn how to immerse yourself in English even if you are not in an English-speaking country.


Expand the words that you know.

You can get an awesome episode about fashion here.

You’ll learn new fashion words like “sporting” and so much more.

To increase your vocabulary score it’s all about using new words that other students are not using.

Can you sound different from other Band 6 students?

If you can then you can score a 7 or higher in Vocabulary.


Don’t get bogged down with details when it comes to grammar?

Don’t focus on the parts of grammar that will not increase your IELTS score.

That’s why you have to know what will increase your score and what is worth studying.

We show you that in our 3 Keys IELTS study plan.

Count and non-count nouns are something that will definitely influence your score.

A lot of students tend to make words plural when they cannot make them plural.

Don’t make these mistakes on IELTS.

Go here to listen to the episode about English grammar count and non-count nouns.


When it comes to your IELTS score you need to get outside resources beyond just doing test practice.

If you only do test practice you will get a 6.

If you expand your overall English skills as well then you will have a better chance of increasing your score.

Go here to get a guaranteed score increase on IELTS.

Let us know what questions you have in the comments below.

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