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How can you best prepare to get the score you need on your IELTS Speaking Part 2 answer?

In today’s episode, Aubrey provides a sample answer that checks all the boxes for a high score.

Learn how you can use the 3 Keys IELTS Success System strategies to do the same!

How can you speak for two minutes on any subject?

You have to be prepared and you have to prepare in the right way.

Fill your brain with things to talk about by exposing it to English!

  • Read newspapers and magazines
  • Read novels and short stories
  • Watch movies and TV shows

What is difficult about Speaking Part 2?

Talking for a full two minutes on anything you might be asked about is not easy!

You must have an extensive library of words and ideas stored away in your brain.

Practice using interesting vocabulary, as it isn’t always natural to fill your speech with unique phrases.

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Native, natural answers are usually made up “on the fly”

In regular conversation, most native speakers rarely think before speaking!

They just talk, making it up as they go.

  • winging it: performing a task or action with no advance preparation

Do you like winging it?

Aubrey likes to “wing it” when playing games or doing improv comedy.

Improv comedy is quintessential winging it.

  • quintessential: perfect example of something

Another phrase for making something up without forethought is doing something “on the fly.”

  • on the fly: quick, spontaneous, right now

What is it like when a native “wings it” on Speaking Part 2?

Aubrey answers a question about where she likes to grocery shop.

Where does she shop?

  • Costco
  • Trader Joe’s

When / How often does she shop for groceries?

  • Every week she has to visit both stores.

Why does she grocery shop every week?

  • She has four kids, so with six people in her family they use a lot of groceries!

What does she buy?

  • At Costco: bulk items including snacks for kids’ school lunches, giant entree salads and huge bags of frozen chicken
  • At Trader Joe’s: fresh vegetables and produce, fun chocolates and nuts in smaller quantities

How much does she spend?

  • Even when she has written a shopping list, she ends up spending over $200 every time she goes to Costco!
  • At Trader Joe’s, she buys items such as dried fruit and trail mix that are pricey but delicious!

What about this example makes it a strong Speaking Part 2 answer?

Aubrey gives a lot of specific details, and provides information about where, when, why, what and how much.

She talks for the full two minutes!

She uses natural, native linking words and phrases, such as:

  • by far: great emphasis phrase
  • I end up: native transition phrase

Listen to this sample answer 2-3 times and mimic Aubrey’s intonation, as a response like this one would earn a very high pronunciation score.

What you have to think about during Speaking Part 2

  • Ideas
  • Organization
  • Linking words
  • Telling a story
  • Vocabulary

If you don’t prepare well for IELTS Speaking Part 2, there’s no way to get 7+ on the IELTS Exam.


There’s so much to think about during Speaking Part 2, and it’s very difficult to focus on everything you have to do while also deciding what to say next!

Aubrey’s sample Part 2 answer gives a great example of how to speak for two full minutes with excellent intonation, while at the same time providing rich detail, linking words and transitions.

Mimic this type of intonation, with your voice going up and down and using interesting timing to emphasize different words and phrases.

The only way to be successful on Speaking Part 2 is preparation and practice!

The best way to prepare is to sign up today for the 3keys IELTS Success System!

And don’t forget to save the dates for Jessica and Aubrey’s upcoming Webclass, 4 Secrets to a 7+ in 30 Days (And How Most Students Waste their Time) November 23 and 25.

The Webclass is free, but won’t be recorded, so plan to attend live!

What questions do you have?

Let us know in the comments section.

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