Aubrey Carter
"3 Keys IELTS Certified Coach"
Jessica Beck
"Director of IELTS Training"

How is Reading different on the IELTS computer exam versus the paper version?

  • It is nearly impossible to find information about the computer exam online.
  • It is even harder to find practice exercises!

Today we share details about the differences between computer and paper IELTS exams.

This is Part 1 of a series of IELTS podcasts containing specifics about the computer exam.

We focus on the Reading exam in this episode and share what can throw you off if you’re not expecting it!

Where can you find a study program for Computer-delivered IELTS?

There are none out there!

The information you can find about the exam online is often incorrect!

The good news is…. We are developing one!

Jessica took the computer-delivered exam and has done extensive research on the differences.

She is developing the study program based on this research, as well as her 14 years of Examiner experience.

With this program, you will know you are getting accurate information and strategies that are tried and true!

Strategies Created by a Former IELTS Examiner

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What is the same?

The strategies you will use are all the same!

3 Keys IELTS strategies work on both the paper and computer versions.

These methods are rooted in Jessica’s 14 years as an Examiner!

Our students see incredible results, often getting 8’s and 9’s.

Difference #1: Format

The question types are the same, but they look different!

For example, for Finding Headings in Paragraphs the options will be formatted in a table.

Also, the entire passage is usually not shown on the screen.

You must scroll down to see the rest of the text.

Difference #2: Functionality

The computer version gives you the option of taking notes.

Don’t use this function!

  • It is distracting
  • It is a waste of time

Instead, use the highlighting function to highlight key words.

You can also cut and paste!

For completion questions, you can highlight the words in the passage, copy them and paste them on the answer sheet.

This ensures correct spelling!

You can mark something for review at the bottom of the screen.

What are the benefits of taking the computer IELTS exam?

It can be much faster to take the computer-delivered exam, but only if you know how to use the functions.

You also need to know ahead of time the formatting differences to expect.

The 3 Keys IELTS computer study plan will give you the chance to see what the questions and passages look like.

It will also give you the opportunity to practice using these functions.

Why do you need to get on the early access list?

  • You’ll be kept up to date!
  • You will be the first to know when the course is launched
  • You will have access to reduced introductory pricing

Once you are in the computer study program, you’ll be able to practice the functions you’ll be seeing on the computer-delivered test.

Get on this list today!


Though the 3 Keys IELTS strategies are exactly what you need for the computer exam, you need to be aware of the differences!

Formatting and functionality are very different on the computer and paper IELTS exam.

If you don’t know what to expect, it could trip you up!

Additionally, if you’re not able to practice using the functions in advance, you won’t be able to capitalize on the time they can save you.

Sign up today to get on the early access list for our computer-based IELTS study program.

What questions do you have from today’s episode?

Please leave a comment below.

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