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Tune in today for tips and tricks for Listening Section 3.

This is practice for the most difficult question type!

Section 3 is more academic topics and can be quite boring.

These have 2 or more speakers.

When there are 3 speakers, it’s even harder to follow the audio.

We also provide suggestions for additional Listening practice!

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Listening Section 3 Practice

Listen to the audio in the podcast, and answer the following questions.

1. Why are these educators creating a business English course?

A. They wanted to help dozens of language learners.

B. They are experienced business professionals.

C. The course was requested by their students.

D. No other business courses existed in the community.

2. Who was surveyed as part of planning the course?

A. One hundred students who requested the course

B. Native business professionals

C. Friends and current co-workers

D. Retired industry experts with vital information

3. What is a characteristic of other business English courses?

A. Vocabulary lists

B. Language and idioms that natives use at work

C. Email templates

D. Information about how to succeed in the business world

4. What is covered in the modules of this course?

A. Business mergers

B. Project management

C. Networking and socializing

D. Negotiations and compromise

5. What methodology is used in teaching this course?

A. Research

B. Applied linguistics

C. Sampling

D. Dictation

Now, look at the answer key in the comments to check your answers.

Useful resources for understanding multiple speakers

Check out this video lesson on using audio scripts to improve comprehension of multiple speakers.

Listen to podcasts made for natives.

How Did This Get Made: 3-4 comedians talking about bad movies

Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me!: weekly comedy news quiz

Tell Me More: conversations about current events with multiple speakers

Monocle on Culture: British hosts interviewing others about entertainment

Activities for podcasts with transcripts

The NPR podcasts Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me! and Tell Me More have transcripts.

You can use these to practice listening for specific information.

#1: Write down specific information such as numbers and names

#2: Listen for context and take notes on why they mentioned these names and numbers

#3 Check the transcripts to see if you were correct about the context


Today’s episode is excellent practice for Listening Section 3.

It takes practice to understand audio with multiple speakers.

You can also use today’s recommended podcasts and activities to practice these listening skills.

You can’t just listen to IELTS practice!

Be sure you are listening to podcasts made for native speakers.

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What questions do you have about today’s episode?

Tell us in the comments!

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