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How is preparing for the IELTS exam like going kayaking?

There are so many similarities, and we share them all today!

We will tell you about the equipment you need to move up the IELTS stream to your score!

You’ll also find out what to do to get a 7 or higher on the IELTS exam.

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Up a creek without a paddle

This is a great idiom!

  • Up a creek without a paddle: in a bad situation; unprepared

This can apply to students studying for the IELTS exam.

You might be bogged down in all the IELTS info online.

If so, you’re up a creek without a paddle!

Our study guide: your life vest

Life vests are vital on a kayaking trip.

Without one, you could drown!

When it comes to studying for IELTS, a clear study plan is your life jacket.

You need to know what resources to be spending time on.

There are millions of IELTS search results online.

Don’t drown in a river of misinformation and subpar study aids!

Get into 3 Keys IELTS and get our study guide!

Strategies Created By a Former Examiner

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Linking words: your paddles

Paddles are necessary to move in a lake or river.

You need them to steer and push you along.

Transition phrases, in the same way, move your IELTS writing along.

Linking words and phrases are necessary to move smoothly from one idea to another.

As part of our 3 Keys template sentences, they help you know what to write next.

They add organization and clarity to your essays.

Additionally, they are vital for a 7 or higher on the Cohesion/Coherence score for both Writing and Speaking.

3 Keys strategies: your kayak

You can fall back on these fundamentals when you panic.

They help you feel sturdy and safe.

A student who doesn’t have any strategies is in a terrible situation on test day.

If they miss an answer in the Listening audio, they might panic and miss the next several answers.

A student with strategies knows to remain calm and use the 3 Keys strategies to get back on track.

Snacks and water: high level vocabulary

Water is essential for any outdoor activity.

It can help you avoid serious medical issues such as sun stroke or dehydration.

Snacks, especially for small children, also keep them interested!

The Writing scoring rubric for a 7 or higher requires less common vocabulary.

This shows the Examiner that you have mastered a wide range of words in English.

  • Idioms
  • Slang
  • Formal vocabulary

It also makes your essay more interesting, and will keep the Examiner more engaged.

A whistle: communication with IELTS professionals

In Portland and many other areas, it’s required to take a whistle with you on the water.

It is used to signal for help if you are in danger.

You need access to IELTS professionals so you can signal when you need help.

You can email us questions at

Our Facebook group is also extremely supportive for students.

You can post confusing practice problems and other questions.

You can also find a Speaking partner and receive encouragement from fellow students.

A roof rack: being 100% prepared

Without the roof rack for your car, you’d have to carry your kayak to the lake!

When you are fully prepared, you can arrive on test day with confidence.

You will be able to avoid the panic felt by students who don’t have strategies.

It’s such a good feeling for our 3 Keys students to be calm, cool and confident.

We want you to feel this way on test day!

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Going kayaking is a lot like taking the IELTS exam!

You must be prepared, and you must know what to expect.

All the strategies you need to get a 7 or higher are in the 3 Keys IELTS Success System.

We have helped thousands of students get the scores they need!

With our system, you can arrive on test day confident you will get the score you need.

You can then get past IELTS and accomplish your goals!

What questions do you have from today’s episode?

Please leave a comment below.

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