Today you’ll get a study plan if you didn’t get the scores you needed on IELTS.

Last week we answered a 3 Keys student’s questions after she took her first IELTS test.

My goal is an overall 7 and 6.5 at least in each. I need some help here. Since I’ll mainly focus on work for the next month, and won’t have enough time to prepare for the next exam. Maybe I can only spare 4 to 5 hours a week, but I’ll have enough preparation time after February. I came up with a few ideas, like finding a speaking partner, keep reading news, listening to podcasts, and listening with noise. I need a study plan to maintain and improve my weaknesses, especially in writing.

If you only have an hour during the weekdays, you can take a break from IELTS, and just focus on overall English.

If you’ve just got your scores and they’re not what you wanted, take a break from the test and rid yourself of that anxiety.

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This break is vital in order for your energy to return. Over-preparing is a big danger for IELTS candidates.

Then, when you do have time, it’s time to start from scratch and review all the strategies, even going through the practice exercises again.

Make sure to include enough test practice!

This student already received her answers and advice weeks ago, when she posted. This is a huge benefit of being a 3 Keys student!

In our course Facebook group, you can ask us questions and get answers right away!

What IELTS scores do you need?

Post in the comments section below!

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