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Get ready to learn 3 fun slang phrases!

These are all related to forgetting something or absentmindedness.

Each one is perfect for Speaking Part 1.

You need to use a range of Vocabulary for a 7+ on IELTS Speaking.

Using slang in Speaking Part 1 is crucial for showing this range.

You’ll also learn how to sign up for our upcoming webclass.

In this class, you’ll learn more slang and strategies for how natives use it.

Why is it important to learn slang?

Natives use slang all the time!

  • With friends
  • With strangers
  • At work
  • In formal and informal situations

If you don’t understand the slang terms, you could lose the meaning of the conversation.

Not only do you want to be able to understand, but you want to sound like a native!

One of the best ways to do this is to properly use slang.

Webclass details!

This is Aubrey and Michelle’s first webclass together!

You can sign up here.

You’ll learn lot of slang words and phrases with example sentences and scenarios.

Additionally, you’ll learn about when to use slang and when to NOT use it.

You’ll also hear live native roleplays so you can hear how natives use slang.

It won’t be recorded, so you must attend in person!

It will be Jan. 20 and 23.

Sign up now to reserve your spot!

#1: To flake (verb)

This is used very commonly by natives!

The first meaning is as a verb.

  • To flake: to forget about an obligation and not attend.

It’s not intentional; it’s an accident.

Maybe you fell asleep or just forgot and didn’t go.

  • A meeting
  • An appointment
  • A responsibility

Speaking Part 1 questions may ask you if you are punctual and try to be on time.

I am always on time. Sometimes, however, if I’m sick or really tired I flake on friends and feel terrible.

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#2: To flake (noun)

This slang can also be used as a noun!

  • Flake: someone who is forgetful or often late

You can call yourself a flake if you are late or missed an appointment.

Oh, I’m sorry I’m being such a flake! I keep forgetting or showing up late.

In Speaking Part 2, you may be asked to describe someone.

If they are a person that is often late or cancels last minute, you can call them a flake.

He is a bit of a flake because he never shows up when he says he will!

Depending on the tone, this can be lighthearted and friendly or mean.

#3: To bail

We use this apologetically to mean having to leave early or cancel.

  • To bail: leave early

Sorry, I gotta bail on our run today. Can we reschedule?

You can also use it to describe someone who left early.

She bailed before we even sang happy birthday!

Check out this All Ears English episode for more details about this slang phrase.

#4: To space

We use this as a verb to mean forget.

  • To space: to forget

I totally spaced our date. I’m sorry!

Ugh I spaced it and missed the entire meeting!

If you find yourself about to say, “I forgot,” stop yourself and instead say, “I spaced it.”

This will boost your Vocabulary score by showing the required range!

Where can you use this slang on IELTS?

Speaking Part 1 questions often ask about:

  • Punctuality
  • Time Management
  • Daily schedules

Speaking Part 2 might ask you to describe a party.

If you’re running out of things to say, you can talk about how you had to bail early.

You can use “spaced” even more generally any time you’re describing something you forgot.


Slang is crucial!

Using it in Speaking Part 1 and Part 2 shows the range of Vocabulary required for a 7+.

You also need to understand it and be able to use it to sound like a native.

This helps you make those connections you want so you can truly learn English!

The best way to learn slang is by attending our upcoming webclass!

space is limited so sign up today.

What questions do you have from today’s episode?

Please leave a comment below.

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