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Jessica Beck
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Jessica Beck has been working in the IELTS world for the past ten years and she is here to answer your questions using her expert IELTS knowledge.

Question #1:

“How many words do I have to write for each task on the Writing Test? How does the word count work? Do small words like articles or prepositions count?”

Answer #1:

“You need 150 words for Task 1 and 250 words for Task 2. If you go below these numbers then your task achievement / task response score will go down. Your vocabulary score might go down also.”

“All words count as part of your word count including articles and prepositions.”


Question #2:

“I am feeling nervous about reading Y/N/NG questions.”

Answer #1:

“The biggest problem is finding the difference between No/False and Not Given. Finding out if it’s True or Yes is easy because you can see if everything from the passage agrees. If it’s a False or No statement then all of the information is in the passage but it disagrees. It’s opposite. Not Given is when a key part of the information is not in the passage. It’s just not there at all. IELTS likes to throw in numbers that disagree including quantity or time or how often.”


Question #3:

“I am concerned about writing in scientific terms on the IELTS Listening test. Should I be worried about this?”

Answer #3:

“You don’t need to be concerned about high-level terms for the listening test. The answers that you are required to give will not be beyond an intermediate English vocabulary level. You might listen to something that is higher in level but you won’t need to write it in.”


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