Lindsay McMahon
"The English Adventurer"
Jessica Beck
"Director of IELTS Training"

Today you’ll meet a listener of our podcast who got a 7 on IELTS Speaking but a 5 on Writing.

Find out what went wrong and what she can do today.

We got a few emails from this student.

She wrote to us right after the exam and sounded confident and great.

She had used some of the stories from this podcast to entertain the examiner.

She took our advice and practiced it and got a 7 on IELTS Speaking.

That is the bright spot but then we got that common email two weeks later.

The listener’s email went like this:

“I am pretty much shocked. I got my scores: Listening: 6.5 , Speaking: 7, Reading: 6.5, Writing: 5

I don’t understand what the problem was with my writing. I used formal words. I used advanced grammar structures.”

Here is Jessica’s feedback on what you are doing wrong:

Jessica Beck IELTS Professional“The problem is this: You don’t have the writing strategies to give the examiner what she or he wants.

You might have the academic skills like vocabulary and grammar but this is not enough.

You need to know what the examiner is looking for to get a high score for Writing Task 1 for example. You are missing the strategies. 

Also it sounds like you were a confident student going in and that can be a problem if you are not basing your confidence on putting in the work.”

This student also made the mistake of only using our podcast and not using a step-by-step system to prepare for the exam.

Our podcast is not enough to bring you to your target score.

You MUST be in a solid system like 3 Keys IELTS Success System.

The danger of focusing only on your strengths:

Also this student was probably already strong in Speaking so she spent a lot of time and effort in preparing for Speaking.

Therefore, she probably ignored her real needs like IELTS Writing by not doing anything to prepare except for using some fancy vocabulary and grammar.

This is what happens when native speakers go into the test.

Should she get a re-score?

This student was thinking of asking for a re-score but we don’t recommend that.

It’s a bad investment.

Instead, she needs to admit to herself that she did not put in the time to prepare for writing.

Instead, take half of that money and invest in a course where your scores are guaranteed to increase.

This is a typical situation that happens to many people.

Don’t let it happen to you! Be smart the first time and get into a solid system.

To try our system click here.

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