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Are you looking for some other great IELTS resources on the web?

Video lessons are a great way to prepare for IELTS.

In today’s episode we’ll show you where to find information about IELTS to supplement what you read and listen to here at IELTS Energy and All Ears English.

Preparing for IELTS with video lessons is a great idea because it will keep you engaged and you need to be engaged and motivated in order to remember what you learn!

So grab some of these video lessons and get started today.

#1) Eng Vid

This is an excellent resource for video lessons.

The lessons all feature a teacher in front of a white board, writing notes on it and talking; so, if you are used to a traditional learning environment in a classroom, this would be a comfortable and familiar resource for you.

Most of the lessons are from 10 minutes to 20 minutes long, and they are also available on YouTube.

Plus, below the video on the engVid site, there is a quiz button.

You can take the quiz after watching the lesson.

Visit here

#2) British Council

There are 6 videos here, and they are all quite short- less than 4 minutes.

There are quick tips for every module of the exam, including grammar.

In addition, since they were created by the British Council, one of the organizations involved in governing IELTS, you know you can trust the information.

All the videos are also on YouTube.

There are a couple downsides, however.

The videos are all illustrated, so you don’t see a real person talking, making it a bit difficult to understand.

Also, quite high level vocabulary is used, so these videos would be good for a student who is already at an upper-intermediate level.

Lastly, there is no practice or quizzes provided.

Visit here

#3) IELTS Liz

This website features many, many videos.

The teacher in every video is Liz, who is British, so watching these videos is good practice for understanding that accent.

In every video, Liz sits in front of a whiteboard, talks and takes notes.

Video lessons range from 5 to 30 minutes, and there are tips for every part of the exam.

Most of them seem like lessons you would get in a traditional classroom, with a teacher standing at the board, asking you to do something and then writing the answers on the board.

There is not a lot of movement, so it may be difficult to become engaged in the videos.

One great thing, though, about this site, is there is a blog as well with free practice lessons.

All videos are also on YouTube.

Visit here

#4) Academic English Help

These videos are from another website, but I recommend watching them on YouTube, because the original site will interrupt your browsing by trying to sell you their course.

However, these free videos on YouTube can be very helpful, and most of them come with transcripts that you can read before, during or after you watch the lessons.

The lesson videos are all from 5 to 35 minutes, and are about many different aspects of the exam.

Most of them feature the same male teacher with a North American accent.

He appears on the video with a plain white background in the beginning, and then there are slides which he narrates.

Most useful, in my opinion, are the example Speaking Exam videos so you can learn what will happen during your own Speaking exam.

Visit the site here

#5) IELTS Energy TV

On this YouTube channel, there are many short videos, less than 5 minutes, with tips and specific advice that is easy to understand and consume.

I am biased towards loving this channel because… the teacher is me!

The channel is called IELTS Energy TV for a reason- I love to talk about IELTS, and this comes through in my videos.

There are additional resources, such as our podcast, on

Check it out!

Click here

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