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In many schools, children are required to wear a uniform.

For other students, they are able to choose any school clothing.

A student recently asked about uniforms.

We posted a video teaching vocabulary for describing uniforms.

In today’s video, you’ll hear a brainstorm for the Task 2 topic:

Should children wear school uniforms?

Watch the video now!

Where might you see this question on IELTS?

This could be a Task 2 essay topic.

It could also show up as a Part 3 question.

You should brainstorm in advance what you think. 

A good way to do this is to think about the pros and cons, or positives and negatives.

#1: Pros

Uniforms can break down class barriers, as kids aren’t wearing specific brand names.

Regardless of the family’s income, all students are wearing the same clothing

It also can save kids time getting ready in the morning, as they have less options to choose from!

It can increase focus at school, as less distractions are caused by children’s clothing.

Uniforms have also been known to increase the sense of community at a school.

They also promote safety, as there are no issues of students wearing gang colors or designs.

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#2: Cons

Uniforms can be expensive for parents, as they still have to buy clothes for after school and the weekend.

This also increases the amount of laundry for a family, as children change into play clothes after school.

  • Play clothes: casual clothing worn by children

It increases how often laundry must be done, as if you only buy a few uniform items, you have to keep them laundered.

It also limits student self-expression, as the clothing they wear is one of their main ways to express their personality.

IELTS brainstorm strategies

Once you have thought about the pros and cons for an issue, you can practice a Task 2 brainstorm.

You need strategies for what you will include in each body paragraph.

These strategies will be different depending on the type of essay.

  • Opinion essay
  • Argument essay
  • Problem/Solution essay
  • Advantages/Disadvantages essay
  • Mixed essay

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You could get topics on IELTS Speaking and Writing that are complex or weird.

You need to be able to quickly assess the pros and cons of any given topic.

Practice this skill on a variety of topics!

Once you have pros and cons for the issue, you can brainstorm reasons for your opinion and supporting details.

This will be different for each essay type, so you need a study system!

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What questions do you have from today’s episode?

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