Lindsay McMahon
"The English Adventurer"
Jessica Beck
"Director of IELTS Training"

Today get 5 incredible idioms that you can strategically insert into your IELTS Exam to get the score you need NOW!

We’re going to show you how to use English phrasal verbs with “look” to so that you can use “interesting idiomatic language” to boost up your vocabulary score on IELTS Speaking.

If you use at least two or three idioms you will get the examiner to start to think about moving your score up to a 7.

Most examiners start by thinking “6” and then using the right vocabulary is one thing you can do to push up to a 7.

  • To look up to: To admire someone. “I look up to my dad because he is a business owner and he has a good work ethic.”
  • To look down on: This is the exact opposite of “look up to.”  You could say, “I look down on people who don’t have a good work ethic” or “I look down on people who cheat.” This is a good for Writing Task 2 and Speaking Part 2.
  • To look after: To take care of something or someone. “I need to look after my health.” or “I looked after my niece this weekend.” This is good for all parts of the Speaking test when you talk about friends or family.
  • To look over: To review, to analyze, to read something when it has already been done or to check something. Here is an example: “I need you to look over my report before I turn it in.”
  • To look forward to: To be excited or enthusiastic about something that will be happening in the future.  “I am really looking forward to the soccer game and meeting new people this weekend.”

Now take this episode and listen again.

Write down all of the phrasal verbs and think about your own life.

Write down your own examples using the context of your own life.

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