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“Hello everyone I have been using listening practice tests to check my score but I have realized that many are different. I have used  Road 2 IELTS and tests from IELTS Blog. My scores are very different on these practice tests. Which one matches the real exam better? Are there any other sources I can rely on aside from these two?”

Sometimes material writers produce tests that are more difficult than the actual test which can be helpful.

Our recommendation: Take your scores for both tests and average them.

If you do see a huge difference then stop using those tests.

Jessica has written more than 14 textbooks and she is well-practiced in trying to match level.

It’s very hard to do this.

When she wrote the practice tests for 3 Keys IELTS she referred to the Cambridge Practice Test books.


Are Cambridge Practice Tests a good resource?

The Cambridge series are a valid example of test practice.

They are the closest you’ll get to the real test.

Unless you can see who is creating the practice test there is no way you can know if it’s valid.

Our course has one professional voice.

The entire course was created by Jessica Beck.

Don’t mix and match various resources online because you won’t get consistency in the strategies that you are learning.

You need to focus on one course and build up your skills there.


What should you do?

  • Get into our course
  • Use Cambridge Practice Tests only after you have learned the test strategies in our course
  • Use our practice tests that have been professionally created by Jessica Beck (included in our course)

Where do you get your IELTS practice tests?

Do you know for sure that they are valid test practice? How do you know?

Let us know in the comments below.

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