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how to become an awesome presenter in English

Do you get scared when you have to give presentations in English?

Would you like to be finally be able to present well and not get stressed out about it?

Today we have a guest on the show!

Today we hear the story about how Charlie started university feeling nervous during a presentation and how he finished university as a confident presenter.

Also, get his 3 tips on how you can become a great presenter too.


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Charlie’s story with presentations:

Charlie knows how scary presentations can be!

When he was a first-year student he had no idea how to give a great presentation.

He was assigned a presentation and had to figure it out all by himself. He was completely lost.

But he kept learning and kept getting better so by the second year he became one of the best presenters in his class.


Charlie’s 3 tips for a great presentation:

  • Avoid flowery language: Write your presentation as if you were speaking to a 12 year old. If a young person can understand what you’re saying then you’re ready to present. Do not make your sentences long. The shorter the sentence the better. Break up the rhythm of your presentation and allow yourself time to think. Use pauses at random moments.


  • Conduct yourself the right way on presentation day: Dress well on the day of your presentation. Eat foods that will fuel you and prepare you mentally. You want to have a positive mental attitude on presentation day. You want to prepare for your presentation the way that a pro athlete would prepare for a game.


  • Know your topic: What will people think about your arguments? Anticipate their questions. Prepare how you will respond to those arguments. This will help you with your conversation skills. You need the right words to respond at the right time. You also need to know your audience.


How to book a lesson with Charlie:

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  • Step 2: Find Charlie’s profile at


Charlie’s bio:

Charlie is an English enthusiast with a logical approach to grammar and idioms. He enjoys hiking and rock climbing in his spare time whilst dabbling in vegan cooking. He has taught English privately for 4 years and specialises in helping university students prepare for finals and presentations.


What questions do you have for Charlie?

Let us know in the comments below.

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