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ricardo ielts overall 8Ricardo needed IELTS to attend university in Canada, and to immigrate there with his family. And he succeeded with an overall 8 on his IELTS exam.

He got even higher scores than he needed! Now he is on his way to conquering his goals in life.

IELTS Listening: 8.5

Ricardo said that a week before his IELTS exam, he took a practice test in our course, and he did not get the results he expected. Actually, he scored a bit low.

So, he realized that he needed to put the IELTS test strategies into practice, and took another 25 practice tests in the week preceding his exam date.

In our course, we talk about the tricks that IELTS pulls on every exam, and how to be ready for these sly moves. Ricardo recognized these sabotages on all the practice tests he took, and then succeeded on the exam, not letting IELTS get the better of him.

IELTS Reading: 9!!!!

Even Ricardo was not expecting a 9!

The only way to score highly in this part of the exam, says the candidate who got a 9, is to use the strategies from our course.

There is no way to read every word and get all the answers in 60 minutes. That is just impossible, even for native speakers.

The most useful strategies that Ricardo employed were to skim for 1-2 minutes, focus on the key words in the questions, and time management.

If he came to a question that he couldn’t get, he put a question mark on his exam paper and returned later. You should never spend more than a minute looking for an answer.

And, Ricardo noted, what often happens is that as you are looking for other answers, you will find the answer to that difficult question you skipped.


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IELTS Writing: 7

What’s amazing about this score is that Ricardo even says he messed up!

Imagine if he’d not made a mistake, he would have secured a 7.5 or 8!

Halfway through his Writing Task 2 essay, Ricardo realized he was writing the wrong essay. He was following an Opinion essay structure, when he should have followed an Argument structure.

Remember, future IELTS candidates, when in doubt, write an Argument essay!

You can listen to this episode to learn more about how Ricardo became such an amazing writer. (Hint: His prep also helped him with his Reading score!)

IELTS Speaking: 7.5

The game changer for his Speaking scores was taking part in the Power Hours we offer in our course.

Before taking his first Power Hour, Ricardo thought he was ready for the exam, as his English level is quite high.

However, he learned that he had to focus on some IELTS-specific things to satisfy the examiner, such as sticking to the topic, delving into more specific details, and providing a wider range of vocabulary.

What do you think of Ricardo’s preparation ideas?

Leave us a message in the comments section below!

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