Lindsay McMahon
"The English Adventurer"

Do you want to make your English pronunciation more natural?

Our guest today is Shellye Thomas.

Shellye is a classically trained singer and an English pronunciation coach.

How to pronounce clearly in English:

  • Carry your line: When we speak we don’t use abrupt stops between the words. Carry the air through the whole sentence. Start at the beginning of the sentence and breathe at the end of the thought. Connect all of the words. Keep it flowing especially when you use consonants such as the “F” sound.
  • Get good content to emulate and open your vowel sounds: Vowel sounds are the most important sounds in English. Make sure you stay open with these sounds.  Get a podcast where you hear a native accent. Listen to one sentence and the try to mirror what you hear. You can also use TV shows or movies.
  • Use a song: This is not only a great way to learn pronunciation but also to learn the language and new vocabulary words. Follow your interest to get the right song for you. Keep the air going throughout the thought when you emulate the

Remember there is nothing wrong with having an accent.

You just want people to understand you.

American people love hearing accents but if you open your vowel sounds and carry your line people will be able to understand you better.


Shellye’s Bio:

Shellye is a classically trained singer with a minor in theater.  She loves to work with people on their accents and help them be effective with their English. 
She feels that English is very much like singing and follows the same basic principles.  Shellye also has 25 years of high level corporate experience which she finds beneficial when working with her business professionals. 
She also loves to work with people to change their syntax in writing and conversation.  She’s fun loving and enjoys every minute she spends with her students. 
If you’d like more information on how you can schedule some time with Shellye, please email her at
She has also started a Facebook page at
Be sure to check out her page, it’s new, but information will be added soon and you can post your questions to her page and we can all learn together. 
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