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You may need to discuss endurance and stamina on IELTS.

Today we’ll teach you high-scoring vocabulary for this.

These phrases are useful on both the Speaking and Writing exams.

Discussing perseverance or endurance can come up for many different questions!

Be ready with today’s vocabulary!

#1: Endurance

For many questions, you can talk about endurance.

  • Endurance: ability to act for a long time and not get tired

You could discuss time spent on work, study, or amount of time spent on activities.

When I was a child, I had a ton of endurance.

I could run for miles and never get tired. However, these days it’s another story.

#2: Stamina

Stamina is similar to endurance.

You can discuss mental or physical stamina with different tasks.

  • Stamina: ability to act for a long time

I’ve never been much of a runner, but I’ve definitely been able to increase my stamina lately and last week I ran 8 miles!

This is a good strategy if you don’t have much to say.

Whatever activity you’re discussing, share whether or not you have stamina for it.

I have to eat something hearty like oatmeal before an exam so that I have the stamina to finish!

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#3: Grit

We use ‘grit’ to describe someone who has courage or stamina when faced with adversity.

  • Grit: courage

I feel that kids these days need a different kind of grit than when I was growing up.

All of the anonymous interactions, the bullying and such, on social media places a lot of pressure on young hearts and minds.

If ever you’re asking a question about something that was difficult you can say you had grit!

#4: Perseverance

Perseverance: ability to keep trying, keep working, even through delays and setbacks

‘Perseverance’ is the noun and ‘persevere’ is the verb.

You can share about your perseverance or say you were able to persevere.

When it comes to diets, I have zero perseverance.

I usually give up after about 2 days.

#5: Tenacity

Use this noun when sharing about trials or difficult situations.

You can say you have tenacity or use the adjective ‘tenacious.’

  • Tenacity: continuing to do something even when it’s really hard

My brother has always had impressive tenacity.

Once he starts a project, he always finishes it.

I, on the other hand, am terrible about giving up once something gets challenging!


Providing detail about perseverance or stamina can boost your IELTS scores.

If you run out of ideas on Speaking Part 2, share about your level of tenacity or lack thereof!

Share personal details and get specific!

With today’s vocabulary, this will boost both your Fluency and Vocabulary scores.

For all the strategies you need, sign up for our online IELTS course.

What questions do you have from today’s episode?

Please leave a comment below.

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