Lindsay McMahon
"The English Adventurer"

On our podcast, we often say that talking to yourself improves IELTS scores.

Today, I’m going to delve into this more, offering specific guidelines and explicit ways in which this practice will improve your IELTS Speaking skills.

When to talk to yourself

  • In the morning, as you go about preparing yourself for the day, you should narrate what you’re doing out loud. This is excellent for practicing simply getting the words out. It also encourages thinking in English.
  • In the evening, before you go to sleep, talk out loud to yourself about your day. Describe what you did, what you saw, and where you went. Also, you can talk through any worries or feelings you experienced. !

What to talk about

  • Opinions/reflections: After you watch a movie or TV show, listen to a podcast, read a news article, or finish a chapter in a book, talk to yourself in the mirror. Describe what you information you took in, and express your opinions about it.
  • IELTS Speaking questions: At first, practice answering these out loud by yourself. Then, ask a friend or study partner to act like the examiner, and go through a speaking exam with him/her.


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How this improves your IELTS Speaking scores

  • Fluency: For a lot of students, the act of simply opening your mouth and getting the words out is tough. By practicing just this, apart from exam practice, you will naturally develop English fluency. The more you do it, the easier it gets!
  • Confidence: As you grow accustomed to expressing yourself in English about a variety of topics, you will see that you have interesting things to say. You will no longer be afraid of IELTS Exam questions, no matter how unfamiliar!
  • Pronunciation: Natural pronunciation is directly connected to confidence. The more you speak, the more relaxed you will feel. This, in turn, will help you be more expressive and will increase your Pronunciation score.
  • Ideas: By following the advice under “What to talk about“, you will be practicing not only taking in information, but you will be remembering more. By describing the information yourself, and then reacting to it, your brain will be more likely to retain these, new, interesting ideas, in English!
  • Vocabulary: By challenging yourself to constantly express yourself in English, through narration and reaction, you will be constantly using a variety of vocabulary that otherwise lies dormant in your mind.

Have you tried any of today’s techniques?

Share your experience in the comments section below!

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