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Mark Bowden, body language expert

Today you will meet one of the world’s top experts in body language, nonverbal communication, and human behavior.

You’ll get 3 simple things that you can do to establish trust with anyone using body language.

Mark says that our primitive brain makes quick, snap decisions about whether or not someone is safe based on their body language.

We need to understand this because if we do not use the right body language people will never listen to what we are actually saying.

Although some gestures vary across cultures, there are certain basic body language gestures that are universal and signal specific things in every culture.

How can we build trust using body language?

  • Smile: Mark says that when we smile we allow the people around us to relax and to think that it’s safe to interact with us.  When we smile we say “it’s good now.” We send a message that the relationship is good. Mark says that as much as you practice your English, you should also practice your smile!
  • Gestures with open body language: Open palms, not closed palms signal that you don’t have any weapons and it’s especially effective if you open your palms at the height of the belly button.
  • Keep your gestures consistent: Keep your hands at belly button height, keep your palms open. If you change your gestures often your brain gets confused. If the brain gets confused it will start to skew what you say in a negative direction.


When we do these 3 things that we have mentioned above, people are more likely to trust what we say and to take what we say and skew it in a positive direction.


Mark’s Bio:

Today we have Mark Bowden on the show. He is an expert on body language and human behavior.

He is ranked #1 in the Top 30 Body Language Professionals for 2014 by and is the creator of Truthplane, a communication training company and methodology for anyone who wants to communicate with more impact.

In addition to being a TedX speaker, Mark has written the best-selling book, Winning Body Language and is the resident body language expert on CTV’s daily talk show, The Social.

Check out Mark’s TED Talk and his work at Truthplane

Also check Presentation Genius


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