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Get 3 expert tips from re-entry expert Cate Brubaker from Small Planet Studio about how to survive your journey home and your transition back into your new life.

How to Survive Going Home:

  • Consider your mindset: Going home can be more challenging than you expect. Don’t think about re-entry as an illness and don’t be afraid of it. Think of it as an opportunity. You have a chance to step back, think about what matters to you and then you can create a new, global life that is right for you. You can work with a professional to go through these things or with friends and family.
  • Allow yourself to feel what you feel: You will feel a huge mix of feelings when you go home. Don’t try to cover up those feelings and don’t think that anything is wrong with you if you feel sad or a little depressed when you first get home. It’s ok to have mixed feelings about your experience abroad. You might be happy to be back, but you might miss your life abroad at the same time.
  •  Create a new global life at home: Think about what you loved about your life abroad. Was it the challenge? Was it the constant traveling and visiting new places? Was it meeting new people every day? You can create a life at home that involves a lot of those same things.


Cate’s Bio:

Cate Brubaker, re-entry intercultural trainingCate Brubaker is a part-time nomad who helps travelers, expats, and students relaunch themselves into their next great adventure after being abroad.

Cate also teaches at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and works with international schools around the world.

Cate grew up in Oregon, lived in Germany for four years, and has traveled and worked on four contents.

Visit Cate online at Small Planet Studio


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What aspects of your life in the United States will you bring back home with you? How will you set up a global life at home?

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