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Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day!

What do you think of this holiday? Is it bigger in the US than it has been for you in your home country?

Do you want to know how to make your loved one feel special?

It doesn’t have to be contained just to Valentine’s Day, but it’s a great opportunity to show them how special they are to you.

We’re going to show you what you can do to tell your loved one how you feel, and how to convey this in the best possible way.

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Here’s a letter that talks about love and expressing yourself to the one that you care about the most.

Lindsay and Michelle,

I’ve came late to this podcast, like about a month ago. Since I discovered it, I’ve been listening to it and learning.

I’m dating a guy, and he’s very smart–a mathematician type of guy. I’m an architect and I love design. Most of the time I don’t know how to express myself when he asks me how I’m feeling or what I’m thinking. I don’t always know how to contribute to certain conversations about any topics.

How can I tell him that I love him and I’m just thinking about him without sounding cliche? Any suggestions are very welcome as they would really help!

Thank you so much,


Knowing How To Express Yourself To Others

The letter is a great example of how nice it is to be in a happy relationship.

Yes, it can be quite helpful and positive to know how to express yourself to your significant other.

This is something that many people struggle with, especially if that’s just now how they are.

We’re going to focus on the last part of the question about telling him you love him without sounding cliche.

This really forces you to think of the types of things that you can say in this situation.

This also goes so much into “Love Languages”–this is a book by Gary Chapman that speaks to the five various love languages there are.

One of these love languages is to use “Words of Affirmation”–maybe your significant other needs this love language.

Basically these love languages are about finding out what your partner needs from you–and we’re going to focus on these “Words of Affirmation” here.

Knowing The Right Things To Say

You may not be somebody who needs these words of affirmation, but your partner may be that type.

In any cases you want to know some good things to say to express yourself in the best way possible.

So what are some things you can say?

  • I love you– This is the most intense, which is funny because we use love ALL the time for non romantic reasons. We might say something cliche like “I love french fries.” However, when using this with someone you are dating, you only say it if you REALLY love the person. It’s a bold statement that shows you are in love with this person. Be sure that if you say it you really mean it and that you feel it is reciprocated.
  • I’m in love with you– This is even more intense. You can love someone and not be IN love with them and you may not understand that unless you are in the situation. So you can be even more clear and direct by adding the words “in” and “love”–for these can have a dramatic impact on the feelings and intent. If you say this be prepared for quite the reaction!
  • You’re my everything– This may be a bit cheesy, and yet it shows this person how you really feel. This person before you means everything to you and you want to be sure taht they know it. This is used if you are in a very serious relationship and you want them to know the magnitude of how you really feel about them.
  • You make my heart melt– Yes, it’s definitely a bit cheesy but it’s also super cute. Relationships can be this way and make you feel a certain way. It really all depends on how you feel and how intensely you want them to know you are feeling at that moment.

These all convey some pretty intense relationships and feelings, so be sure to use them with the right person in the right way.

Taking It Down A Notch

Sometimes you may be in a relationship that is serious but perhaps not quite at the romantic and love phase just yet.

It’s still quite possible to show somebody how you feel in a less intense way.

If you want to show your feelings, there are a couple of ways to show positive sentiment and work just great.

  • I have so much fun spending time with you
  • I think you’re amazing
  • You mean so much to me
  • I’m so glad to be with you
  • We have a lot of fun together
  • Thanks for making me so happy

Also, you can be open and honest with your partner and tell him that maybe it’s hard for you to express exactly how you feel.

It’s a good idea to watch romantic comedies to get ideas! and practice what you want to say first.

Be sure to be open and communicate–but have fun with this for it should be a positive thing for both parties!


Happy Valentine’s Day tomorrow!

Communicate with your partner–decide how “mushy gushy” you want to be.

Consider what your partner needs from you–and also what you need from them as well.

Do they need words of affirmation?

Pay attention to how they react to this aspect of things.

Watch romantic shows and movies to get ideas of extra language to use.

Try these out with your partner and see what type of reaction you get–this is another important way of connecting!

Also check out other great episodes that we have done about love at AEE!

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Also check out Episode 9- Is It Dangerous to Fall in Love Abroad?

If you have any questions, please leave them below in the comments section.

We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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