Lindsay McMahon
"The English Adventurer"

Have you had a baby or know somebody close to you that has had a baby?

Have you ever seen the challenges that come with being a new parent?

Have you ever considered that these challenges may actually be similar to learning a new language?

We’re going to show you why there are some very clear similarities between having a new baby and learning a new language–you just might be surprised.

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It May Be Hard But You Stick With It

Having a baby can be one of life’s greatest challenges, but also extremely rewarding.

There is so much to learn and you grow as you walk through this experience.

There are ways that having a baby is like learning a new language.

You might not see these parallel comparisons at first, but they really do exist.

In the end, it’s really all about being challenged and sticking with it to see the reward.

That sort of thinking applies to both situations, and therefore you may want to consider how the two are alike.

See The Similarities and Overcome The Challenges

When you really think about it, these two life changing events can run parallel.

Here are a few ways that having a baby and learning a new language can have similarities.

  • It’s exhausting but rewarding – Every day and night can be really exhausting. When something works or when you look into your child’s eyes you know you did something right–it makes everything okay.

Learning a  language is exhausting, but in a different way. Mentally it’s hard and you want a break, which you can sometimes but not always. Just realize there are so many rewarding parts, and when something goes right you really take that in.

So when you don’t feel like talking to people in English and want to break into your first language, it’s okay to for a little bit. Do try to keep going and push yourself!

  • You have to roll with the punches- Every night my husband and I have to basically a meeting about how we will handle that night. We think we have it figured out but then things fall apart and the plan breaks somehow! We have to be flexible and realize that we can make a plan but know we don’t have to or probably won’t even be able to stick to it.

With language you may plan what you want to say but you never know how the other person will react. What will they say? You have to listen and be flexible.

So when you plan what to say in your head, realize that listening is the most important thing to connecting with people–you can’t plan what others will say! Having a plan is great, but sometimes you have to learn as you go and that’s normal and okay.

  • You may not see the growth day by day, but there will be moments when you do that will amaze you– When you’re with your baby all the time, you may not see the little changes each and every day. Other people who see your baby less often will notice these changes as being drastic. There can be moments where you don’t realize the growth that has occurred, and it can take your breath away.

With language, you may not realize your growth right away but realize it is happening all of the time. With each conversation and each step you take, you are growing! You are making new connections, you are mastering a new vocabulary, and you are moving towards this new language being your norm.

Know that everything you do is improving your English. Every time you make a new connection, have a conversation entirely in that language, or learn some new vocabulary, you are moving towards overcoming the difficulties and making this your new positive normal.


Stay positive, roll with the punches, and know that even when it isn’t easy, it’s all worth it.

There will be hard days, but then there will be really rewarding days that make it all worth it.

Know that if you stick with it, you will persevere and realize that the hard work paid off.

Suddenly one day you will realize just what you have accomplished, and it will be positive from there moving forward.

If you have any questions, please leave them below in the comments section.

We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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