Lindsay McMahon
"The English Adventurer"

Have you ever been on a kick? Maybe an English kick or a cooking kick? Maybe a running kick or a healthy eating kick?

Today we’re going to help you to understand what it means to “be on a kick” and other similar phrases you can use to share when you get into a rhythm or become intensely interested in an activity.

We have a listener question about this phrase–on a kick.

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Hello Lindsay and Michelle,

My name is Lyn, and I’ve just subscribed to the weekly transcripts.

After listening to episode 1108, I’ve got a couple of questions. I’m wondering if I can get some help from you.

First question is about when Lindsay said, ”I am on a kick where I like to be active”–what does kick mean here?

Hope you can help me with this!


Breaking This Down For Ease

What does it mean to be on a kick?

It means to be REALLY excited about something in your life, perhaps something new or unusual for you.

This usually relates to some sort of new routine or habit that you are doing a lot more–it’s fresh, unique, out of your comfort zone and therefore a welcome change!

The way that this phrase often works is to say something like “I’m on a _____________ kick.” The blank is what you are excited about.

Seeing a couple of examples of this can help, such as:

  • I’m on a cleaning kick right now. My apartment is so messy so I’m trying to get it together!
  • We’re on a travel kick. We are trying to go to as many places as possible this year.

A Phrase For Connections

This is a great phrase to help you connect and tell people about your current or general interests.

It can also be fun to say and it sounds very natural.

It tells people that you are doing something a bit different than your usual routine and it shows that you have strong interests and a passion for life!

It says that you are focused and living in this moment, and therefore want to let others know.

This is a phrase that gets people’s attention and shows them that you are doing something worth discussing.

It makes for great conversation!

Other Ways To Say Something Similar

Though this is a great phrase, sometimes you might want a different option.

What are some other ways you can say this?

  • I’m all about: This is something that you are very interested in. This is something that you want to focus a lot of attention on, especially right at this moment. “I’m all about wearing fashionable clothes right now, especially now that the weather is getting nicer.”
  • ___________ is my thing: This is what takes up a lot of your attention these days. This is something that is interesting to you and therefore what you want to put time and energy into. “Running is my thing lately. I run once before work and once after.”
  • I eat sleep and breathe _______________: This really shows that you are putting a lot of time and concentration into this thing. It’s showing that this phase of your life is centered around this. “Oh my gosh I love baking. I eat sleep and breathe cookies and love trying new recipes.”

These phrases all work quite well to convey that you are focused on this activity or that it’s taking up a lot of your time lately.


Sharing interests with people is a great way to get a conversation started, and it’s a great way to express yourself.

These phrases are fun and expressive— and much more precise than saying “I like.”

Sometimes it can be fun and helpful to mix it up a bit and to try new phrases.

This helps you to become better at speaking the language, and it helps you with making connections through good conversation too.

If you have any questions, please post them below in the comments section.

We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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