Lindsay McMahon
"The English Adventurer"

how to be spontaneous in English

Do you want to be more spontaneous when you speak English?

Do you feel that your English is mechanical and rehearsed?

Do you freeze when you have to participate in an unexpected conversation in English?

Today we have a way to solve this problem by using our 50/50 method for spontaneous English speaking.

How are you spending your study time?

You probably are not spending enough time “producing” the language.

That means that you are not speaking enough.

You can’t reach fluency by only listening.

Listening is important but it’s only part of it.

Here is a question from our listener:

“I love to speak English fluently but due to not communicating with people properly I miss opportunities building my career. I am having difficult framing sentences spontaneously while speaking to others. It causes me to stop conversations. I love to read books and listen to audios, but it’s not helping me overcome my difficulty in speaking with people. Please help me overcome my fears.”


Many students struggle with this problem.

You are not going to overcome the fear of speaking unless you start speaking more.

If don’t face that fear straight in the face, you won’t overcome it.

You might be actively procrastinating if you are not speaking.


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What should you do?

We recommend a 50/50 model.

If you have one hour then 30 minutes of your time should be receptive which means listening.

The other 30 minutes must be speaking or “productive.”


How can you speak more often?

Practice by talking to yourself or grab a tutor on italki. Get our special deal here for new users. You get $10 after you buy one lesson.

On italki it’s easy to find a tutor within minutes.

There is no reason to say that you don’t have an opportunity to practice.


What should you do next?

Make an agreement with yourself that you are going to tackle these harder tasks like speaking 50% of the time.

These are the things that will push your level forward.

Tie the practices together.

For the first 30 minutes you can listen to a podcast then in the next 30 minutes you can talk about what you listened to.


What questions do you have today?

Let us know in the comments below.

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