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Today you’ll learn how to let go of your grammar mistakes and your obsession with perfection and you’ll learn how to finally speak like a native!

Today we have Idahosa Ness who is the founder of the Mimic Method and he helps learners reach fluency through song lyrics and mimicking the language.


What does it mean to “mimic” English speakers?

To “mimic” means to copy.

When you learn English, don’t learn from the written word. Learn from what you hear.

Try to surround yourself with the language and repeat back what you hear.

Don’t think about conjugating verbs in your head or making a mistake.

When you focus too much on conjugating, it restricts your ability to take in new sounds in your head.

There will be no space in your mind.


What are the mistakes that learners make when they learn?

They approach the language through the written language., not the spoken language.

The problem is, we actually communicate through sound, not writing.

English is different in paper than in real life.

Idahosa created the Mimic Method to learn his own new languages because he was frustrated with the old methods of learning languages on paper.


What if you can’t travel to an English- speaking country?

Consume as much media as you can.

Media include TV and movies.

You can also connect with native speakers online while you are in your home country.


What if you do want to learn academic English?

Start with “street English” using the mimic method and then it’s easy to move into learning academic English.


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Idahosa’s Bio:

Idahosa Ness is an educator, entrepreneur and founder of The Mimic Method– a language-learning program where you can master the pronunciation of English and other languages through song- training and personalized feedback.

Idahosa speaks five languages fluently (Spanish, French Portuguese, English, and Mandarin) and is currently learning his sixth one- Japanese- by making friends and “mimicking” people in Tokyo.

Check out Idahosa’s videos on YouTube.



What do you guys think? Have you tried mimicking a native speaker?

How did it go?

Do you think this could work for you? Let us know!


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