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Today we discuss 3 ways your apartment can make you successful in the U.S.

Dr. Anne Copeland studies what makes international professionals and families successful when they live abroad.  Her research study “At Home Abroad” looked at 130 people living in 48 countries to see how changes in the physical layout of where they lived affected their happiness and relationships.

Architecture has a lot to do with use of space and feelings of privacy.  Anne found that homes with more rooms, more televisions, and more space tended to push people apart.

However, smaller homes with fewer rooms tended to encourage people to spend time together – and people who lived in homes like this were happier.

Anne also found:

  • It is important for a home to have a central room for its inhabitants to connect.
  • Connecting with neighbors can make a person feel happier in their home.
  • Hanging pictures in a new home can make it easier to adjust to.

Next, learn what to do when you return home after some time abroad with Cate Brubaker.

Do you think the layout of a house affects the people who live there?

How so?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below!


Dr. Anne Copeland is a licensed Psychologist focusing on cultural transitions and clinical psychology and is the founder of The Interchange Institute.

She provides cross- cultural training programs for international professionals and their families to prepare for assignments abroad.

She also offers training programs to prepare new cross-cultural trainers to enter the field.

Anne has written several books, newsletters, and publications including the Newcomer’s Almanac as well as more than 90 research articles.


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