Are you reading or watching anything that’s touching?

In today’s episode, Lindsay and Michelle talk about media that make you cry.

If you are learning English, it’s important to be able to discuss books or movies that make you cry in conversations.

This can help you build connection.

Listen in and learn vocabulary to describe movies or books that tug on your heartstrings in English.

Ted Lasso

Michelle brings up the show Ted Lasso.

Michelle’s family is a big fan of the show.

She finally got to watch Ted Lasso because of her brother-in-law.

She remembers asking him what the genre of the show is and he says that it’s a mix of everything which makes it very interesting.

Michelle describes the show as heartwarming.

It does have parts that are a comedy but it is mostly heartwarming.

Other Words Similar to Heartwarming

Lindsay says that heartwarming is something that makes the heart feel warm.

Michelle adds that it’s similar to the feel of a hug.

What are other words you can use to talk about something that makes your heart feel warm?

Here are some other terms shared by Lindsay and Michelle that are similar to heartwarming.

  • Touching

The term “touching” means something that touches your heart.

Michelle asks Lindsay if she is reading or watching anything right now that is touching.

Lindsay doesn’t remember anything recent, but she shares that anything which involves puppies she finds touching.

She would watch videos or look at pictures of puppies on social media and it makes her feel good.

She would also often look at pictures of her own dog and it just makes her feel so much love and warmth for them.

  • Tugs at the Heartstrings

Another good word that is similar to heartwarming is the term “tugs at the heartstrings.”

Lindsay says this sounds interesting because the heart doesn’t have strings.

This just means that something is making you feel sentimental.

  • Uplifting

The character Ted Lasso can be uplifting.

There are scenes in the show where he brings up the team and uplifts them.

The word “uplifting” means that something is inspiring hope, motivation, or happiness.

Lindsay mentions that songs can also be uplifting.

Her example is Mariah’s song “All I Want for Christmas.”

Mostly it’s songs that are upbeat that move you to dance or improve your mood.

  • Heart Melts

Michelle shares that the term “heart melts” describes the feeling you get when a person does something nice for you or you see something adorable, like a puppy.

Lindsay gives the example of your child giving you a drawing as a gift.

It would melt your heart because of the thoughtfulness of your child putting in the effort to give you something specifically for you.

Michelle says she was sharing how she felt about the Ted Lasso show with her husband.

She told him that it made her feel like she was eating a warm bowl of Chicken soup.

In American culture, when you are feeling sick, you are given Chicken soup by your parents to make you feel better.

It feels comforting.

Michelle used this analogy to describe what heartwarming is.

In the ’90s there was a popular book called “Chicken Soup for the Soul.”

This book had a compilation of heartwarming stories and people would read them for an injection of hope and positivity in their lives.

Does Lindsay or Michelle Like Heartwarming Things?

Lindsay would prefer to watch heartwarming and dramatic films rather than action ones where everyone is shooting each other.

Michelle is similar to Lindsay where she does not like the violent scenes in action films where it is 15 minutes of just explosions and shootings.

They both find it boring and would often just tune out when a fight scene comes up.

It is nice to have some positivity through watching heartwarming films.

Especially during the winter season, it is fun to cuddle up and watch a feel-good movie.


Lindsay mentions that we use these words so that people can identify with them and describe how they are feeling.

Here is a sample roleplay between Lindsay and Michelle.

The situation is Lindsay shares details about the book she is reading to Michelle.

Lindsay: Oh wow Michelle. You have to read this book.

Michelle: Really? What’s it called?

Lindsay: It’s called The Nest of Pigeons. It’s so touching.

Michelle: Oh really? Eh, I’m not really into that stuff.

Lindsay: No no, it’s not like a beach read. It’s really actually funny too, but there are sweet moments. Heartwarming moments. Trust me, it’s just what you need. It’s like eating a bowl of chicken soup.

Michelle: I guess I could use something uplifting during these cold months.

Lindsay: Yeah, but be careful. It can tug at the heartstrings. But in a good way.

Michelle: Ok maybe I’ll give it a read.

Lindsay: Yes, and there’s this adorable character in it who melts my heart. And he’s so funny.

Michelle: Thanks for the recommendation!

In this roleplay, Lindsay mentions a bonus word, “beach read.”

Beach read means a book that is easy to read and bring to the beach.


We all need some warm things these days.

We are going through a lot these days and it would be great to inject some positivity into our life.

There are a lot of books, songs, and even films or TV shows that can make you relax and keep in tune with your heart.

Rather than hyping up your adrenaline with suspense or action films, you can sit back and relax with something close to home and pull on your heartstrings.

These words shared by Lindsay and Michelle in today’s episode are best to describe something sweet.

Use at least one of them in your English conversation with native speakers and take your English to another level when you share your heartwarming experiences.

What is the term you’ll most likely use to describe a show you watched recently?

Let us know in the comments down below.

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