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Today, we talk with Shayna Oliveira from about three levels to start thinking your way to fluency!

Many language learners believe that you must be advanced or even fluent before you can think in that language.  Shayna believes you can start developing that skill when you are a beginner.

The way it works is by habit — training your mind to become used to connecting English to the world around you.



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Here are Shayna’s three levels for thinking in English:

  1. First, start thinking in individual words.  Take a moment to look around you and see what objects you can name in English.  This will connect the language to reality, and will also show you some of your vocabulary gaps — items you see in life but can’t yet name in English.
  2. Second, form very simple sentences, such as “That car is red.”  The sentences do not need to be complicated or perfect.  The point is to be working with English in your mind.  Again, this will show you what vocabulary or verb forms you are missing.
  3. Third, start turning your normal internal thoughts into English.  This is not translating your thoughts so much as trying to use English to say them to yourself.

These steps may not be easy in the beginning.  However, over time, they are likely to help your English be more smooth and natural.

Have you tried thinking in English?

 How well has it worked?

Tell us all about it in the comments section below!


Shayna Oliveira is the creator of EShaynaspresso English, where you can improve your English even if you don’t have much time to study- the lessons are short and sweet!

Students love Shayna’s pleasant voice and practical teaching style.

Shayna is originally from the U.S. and how lives in Salvador, Brazil.




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