Lindsay McMahon
"The English Adventurer"

Do you know any English phrases related to summer?

During the summer, there are certain words and expressions that native English speakers use.

Listen in on today’s episode as Lindsay and Michelle discuss what they are and how you can use them too.

Seasons and Holidays

Lindsay asks Michelle what her favourite season is.

Michelle answers that she likes the weather during the month of May.

Lindsay agrees with Michelle and adds that she likes the weather in October too.

It’s not too cold and not too hot during those months.

Lindsay describes it as a “cool leather jacket” type of temperature.

It’s not like in November onwards when you have to wear an oversized puffy jacket because of the winter.

Michelle finds that amusing because she also feels like she is wearing a space suit with puffy jackets in the winter.

Michelle then returns the question to Lindsay and asks what her favourite season is.

Lindsay says she loves the summer because the possible activities are endless during that time of year.

Workwise as well, people try to slow down a bit.

Michelle shares a fun fact about Lindsay. Lindsay loves the Fourth of July holiday.

She really looks forward to it and she enjoys celebrating it because it is very straightforward.

You don’t need to buy gifts and just hang out with friends and family.

The All Ears English team started this season’s series of podcasts that started in the Winter.

The Winter episode was AEE 1711: Ugly Sweaters and Stocking Stuffers – Phrase You Only Use in Winter

The Spring episode was AEE 1763: Springtime, Love and English Expressions

In today’s episode, in honour of Lindsay’s favourite holiday, Lindsay and Michelle are going to talk about the Summer and phrases and expressions that native English speakers only use during the Summer.

Summer Phrases and Expressions

Lindsay and Michelle share summer-related expressions that you can add to your vocabulary and use during the Summer.

  • Beach Bod – Lindsay remembers using the term “bod” when she was younger and referring to guys’ bodies. The term “bod” is short for “body.” When you say “Beach Bod” you are referring to a body that is ready for the beach. This is someone that has either a “six pack” or a very well-toned body. A “six pack” refers to a well-formed abdominal muscle of a person or in slang is called “abs.” The term “beach bod” would usually be used during the summer in conversation with friends and work colleagues when they are preparing to go to the beach. They would say “I need to get my beach bod ready.”
  • Beach Bum – Michelle shares that a beach bum is someone who likes to spend most of their time on the beach. She then asks Lindsay if she is a beach bum. Lindsay says no she isn’t, especially because she lives in an area that is landlocked. Lindsay explains that a place that is landlocked is a state or country that has no nearby access to large bodies of water. Her example is countries like Bolivia and her home state, Colorado, USA. Michelle said she is the same as Lindsay and she isn’t a beach bum either. She prefers walking on the boardwalk but not swimming on the beach.
  • Work on my Tan – The phrase “work on my tan” means to make your skin colour a bit darker. This can be done in a couple of ways. Lindsay used to get a tan when she was younger. She would go to a tanning salon and work on her tan using a tanning bed. This is even before she knew the repercussions of tanning your skin. Michelle also did some tanning when she was younger but not via a tanning bed, she used spray tan. Lindsay then brings up an episode in the TV series Friends, wherein one of the characters named Ross, got spray tanned twice on the front of his body and none on his back because he got confused by the instructions. Michelle loves that episode and said that was the only episode of Friends that her mom laughed so hard at.
  • Summer Fling – A summer fling is a relationship that lasts only for the summer. Lindsay asks Michelle if it is ever a good idea to be in a summer fling? Michelle generally thinks summer flings don’t work. For Lindsay, she shares insight that because summer is perceived to be a season where everyone takes it easy and slows down a bit, relationships during this period aren’t taken seriously. Summer is often a time when you can goof around and have fun.


Lindsay and Michelle do a quick roleplay using the terms and expressions shared in this episode for you to get a better idea and understanding of how to use them in your own English conversations.

The scenario is that Lindsay and Michelle are going to the beach:

Lindsay: I can’t wait to go out there and work on my tan!

Michelle: Yeah, but don’t get a sunburn. I’ll sit for a while but I’m not really much of a beach bum so I’ll probably spend time playing games on the boardwalk.

Lindsay: Yeah, Tracy’s coming too and she won’t stop talking about her summer fling’s beach bod.

Michelle: Oh boy! I’ll make sure to take a walk for that discussion.

Lindsay: Hahaha

This is a typical conversation when at the beach but you don’t have to use all expressions in one conversation.

Lindsay asks Michelle if she’d be open to living in a place like California where there is more of a beach culture.

Michelle says yes because there are other nice things there.

She definitely feels relaxed in areas that are near the beach but she would prefer to stay there momentarily just to wind down.

Lindsay agrees that there is a calm and healing feeling that the salt water air brings when you are near the sea.


The main takeaway from Lindsay and Michelle is to go out and enjoy the summer.

When you’re out with friends and family, make sure you try using these summer terms and expressions to expand your vocabulary.

What term or expression are you looking to use today?

Share how you’ll use it in the comments below.

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