Lindsay McMahon
"The English Adventurer"

Are you having trouble showing confidence in a business setting?

Listen in on today’s episode as Lindsay and Michelle give you actionable business English tips and vocabulary.

They will share with you a phrase and a three-step system to show your colleagues, managers, or clients that you can ensure their success and build their trust in English.

Need A Boost of Confidence?

Lindsay asks Michelle if she has any big exams coming up soon.

Michelle is relieved and answers that she doesn’t have any exams coming up and she’s thankful for that.

If she did have one, that would make her feel very anxious.

Michelle mentions that some of the listeners of today’s episode will be taking their IELTS exams.

Lindsay shares that Jessica is a former IELTS Examiner and she can help you prepare for your test.

Rest assured that they will be well equipped for test day.

Michelle likes that expression and asks Lindsay what “rest assured” mean.

The phrase “rest assured” means to be sure that something is certain or true.

You can use this to make someone trust you with something and make them feel at ease and comfortable.

In today’s episode, Lindsay and Michelle are going to go over some expressions that will help make people feel confident in yourself, even if they are worried about something.

Ways To Use The Expression “Rest Assured”

The expression “rest assured” is making someone feel comfortable and trust you.

This is a big deal in building the connection because you want to make people open up to you.

Lindsay mentions that this is often used in sales and marketing.

If someone has their guard up, you want to break that barrier and get them to let you in and trust you.

Other than marketing, here are other situations where you can use the phrase “rest assured”:

  • You can use it to talk about an upcoming event. This is the phrase you’d like to hear from your party planner so you’re not worried about the outcome of your event. In the example below, Lindsay mentioned a bonus expression which is “without a hitch.” This means to have something happen without encountering any problems.

Example: “Rest assured that our planning team has reviewed all the details many times to make sure your party will go off without a hitch.”

  • You can also use it at work. Making sure that your boss and colleagues have confidence in you is important. You want to be trusted in work and get the responsibilities that will help you build the career you want.

Example: “Rest assured that the report will be available to you by Tuesday.”

  • This is also a good phrase to use to show you care for someone or something. Assuring someone that you are there to put them at ease because you care is key to building a strong relationship.

Example: “I have worked with kids of all ages, so rest assured that I will be able to care for your child.”

Other Ways To Use the Phrase “Rest Assured”

The phrase “rest assured” can be used in so many other situations.

This is definitely a very diverse phrase that you can use to make connections by building confidence in someone or something.

  • “You can be sure that…”

Example: “You can be sure that all the details will be finalized before the due date.”

  • “You can be certain that…”

Example: “You can be certain that I will be on time.”

“Trust that…”

Example: “Trust that this issue will be figured out.”

Lindsay says it is more on the formal side because you are promising that you should be trusted.

On that note, Lindsay adds that if you want to use it, you should make sure you are actually confident about what you are saying.

You have to be honest and commit to the promise you are making.

If you assured your boss that you will have a report done by a certain time, you should do it.

In order to build that confidence in you, you must actually commit to it and do it.


Now that Lindsay and Michelle have shared with you the different situations wherein you can use the phrase “rest assured”, here is a quick roleplay for you to better understand how it can be used in a conversation.

In this scenario, Lindsay is Michelle’s realtor and she is making sure that Michelle isn’t discouraged to get her own house.

Michelle: Ahh I feel like I will never get a house.

Lindsay: Michelle, I’ve done this for years, so you can be sure that I’ve experienced all kinds of markets. You will get something for sure!

Michelle: Do you think my budget is too low?

Lindsay: No. It just takes time. Rest assured that financially you are in the right place for what you are looking for.

Michelle: It just seems so competitive.

Lindsay: Just trust that there is going to be a place we haven’t even seen yet that will check all the boxes or most of them. I know it’s hard to see now, but you can be certain that I will guide you in the right direction.


In today’s episode, the main takeaway is that using the right expressions to build trust with your friends and colleagues is key to making stronger bonds.

Use the expression “rest assured” and the rest of the phrases mentioned by Lindsay and Michelle and foster confidence and comfort in the person who may be a little worried.

Having quiet confidence is the key to getting the bond and trust you need to keep the relationship in your personal life and your professional career.

How will you use the phrase “rest assured” in your personal or work life?

Share it in the comments below and share your ideas with other listeners.

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