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English LingQ Founder Steve Kaufman and All Ears EnglishIs learning English up to you?

Today, we talk with Steve Kaufmann, founder of LingQ about how your English learning goals are closer than you think!


Steve’s an expert language learner – he speaks 14 different languages. So he knows it’s possible for you to learn English.  With modern technology he believes it’s easier than ever before.


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Here are Steve’s tips:

  • Learning depends on you, not your teacher or school. Be motivated.  Language learning takes time, so stick with it!  Your attitude is 80% of the battle.
  • Put your emphasis on comprehension. If you can speak but you can’t understand, you don’t know enough.  Do lots of listening and reading.  Transcripts of audio are helpful because there’s less pressure.
  • Don’t be hard on yourself. You’re pushing you’re limits, so it shouldn’t be easy!  But tension and pressure are the enemy of success, so be persistent, not stressed.


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Do you think learning English is up to you?

Where do you put your emphasis?

Let us know in the comments section below!


Steve Kaufmann is a graduate of L’Institute D’Etudes Politiques in France (1966) and a former Canadian Diplomat and forest industry executive.

He is co-founder (with his son Mark) of, an online language learning system and community.

Steve speaks 14 languages, has written a book called, The Way of the Linguist, a Language Learning Odyssey, and has a You Tube channel under the name of lingosteve.

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