Lindsay McMahon
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Today, learn how they’re not the same, and how to use them like a native speaker!

The words “by” and “until” are often confused.  Both deal with time, and both can send the same message.  However, they do have some subtle differences.

Until is used to talk about how long a situation continues.  If something happens “until” a particular time, then it stops when that time is up.  Americans often pronounce the word as ’til.

  • It snowed from Monday until Wednesday.
  • I’m going to work ’til I’m old.

By is used to say something must happen at or before a specific time.  It often indicates a deadline.

  • My report is due by 5PM.
  • I have to be home by midnight.

Let us know how you can use the words “by” and “until”!

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