Today you’ll learn some New York City English slang with Michael from Happy English!

We are so excited to have an awesome guest on the show for you today.

Michael will teach us 4 “street” English words from New York City plus you’ll learn how to pronounce your English words like a New Yorker.

Pronunciation- New Yorkers pronounce coffee like “kaw-fee.”

Listen to the episode to hear Michael’s New York pronunciation.


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4 New York City English Slang Words:

  • Ajita (A-ji-duh) : This could mean heartburn (if you eat spicy food or pizza) or it could mean that you are stressed out because you are annoyed by a person or a situation such as the train being late. “My friend Johnny is always givin’ me ajiduh.”
  • Fughedaboudit!  (forget about it):  1- No way!
  • Not Fuh Nuttin’ (not for nothing) : We use this phrase when we want to give our opinion about something that we believe is true, but the listener doesn’t know or doesn’t realize it. “Not Fuh Nuttin’ but you guys have the best English podcast.”
  • A Skooch: Someone who is annoying “My dog can be such a skooch sometimes.”

If you enjoyed listening to Michael on the podcast today, please visit his website at Happy English


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