Lindsay McMahon
"The English Adventurer"

Do you want to know how to order street food including pizza and coffee like a native English speaker when you visit cities like New York City?

Don’t go hungry when you are in the United States.

Listen to today’s podcast and role plays while we pretend to order pizza and coffee in English on the street in New York.

In this episode you will get four key vocabulary terms that are perfect for ordering pizza or coffee on the street in English.

This episode is related to yesterday’s episode where talked with Michael about New York English slang!

Michael talked about street food and it made us hungry! So we decided to show you how to order street food in English.


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Role play one- Lindsay orders a coffee with four sugars and two creams plus a toasted blueberry bagel with butter from a street vendor in New York City

Vendor:  How ya doin’? (How are you doing?)

Lindsay: Great thanks

Vendor: What can I get you?

Lindsay: I’ll take a small coffee. Four sugars.

Vendor: Any cream in that?

Lindsay: Yep two creams please.

Vendor: Here you go.

Lindsay: Oh could I also have a blueberry bagel with butter?

Vendor: Sure. You want that toasted?

Lindsay: Yeah that’d be great.



Role play two- Michelle orders a slice of pizza.  She chooses a slice of pepperoni! She also asks for extra napkins. She gets an orange soda to drink – medium size with no ice.

Michelle: Hi can I get a slice of pepperoni?

Vendor: Sure. You want that heated?

Michelle: Yes please.

Vendor: Okay that’ll be $5.35

Michelle: Oh can I get a few extra napkins? 

Vendor: Sure they’re in the bag.

Michelle: Perfect and can I also get a medium orange soda but hold the ice?

Vendor: Here you go ma’am. It’s $8.20.

Michelle: Okay here you go. Thanks.

Vendor: Thank you. Have a great day.

Key Vocabulary:

  • What can I get you?
  • I’ll take ____
  • Can I get a ____
  • Hold the ____

Listen to the podcast to get the role play and vocabulary words!

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