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Kevin Conwell Feel Good English

Today we’ll meet our guest Kevin Conwell from Feel Good English.

Kevin will show us how you can challenge yourself when you learn English to get into the best state for maximum retention!

Kevin came on All Ears English a few years ago and showed us how to use Facebook to meet native English speakers and learn English.

Kevin believes that self awareness is key to getting better in English.

What does self awareness mean?

It means to be able to recognize something inside of you or to feel something inside of you.


“Self awareness allows people to recognize the things they do best so they can go hard on those aspects of their life. It also helps you accept your weaknesses.”

-Gary Vaynerchuck, Entrepreneur


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How to use self awareness to reach the advanced level:

  • Tip #1: Go to google and search for the word “flow.” Find the book called Flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. The concept of flow exists when you are doing an activity and the activity is right for you. It is the right level of challenge but not too challenging. It’s not too difficult and not too easy. When you understand this concept you’ll be able to find activities that move you to the next level in English.


  • Tip #2: Start looking for activities that put you into flow. Use technology. Find places online to speak with people. Watch videos on You Tube. Use chat rooms online. Try different things. Look for the emotions and signs that you are in “flow.” Don’t assume that you have to sit in a classroom and learn the old way. You have to recognize what actually works for you. Always ask yourself if you are challenging yourself.


  • Tip #3: When you find the right activities you need to go all in. Throw yourself into the activities that work for you.


Kevin’s Bio:

Kevin is fueled most by culture, music and personal development.
He is the creator of The Feel Good English Podcast, where he teaches English through life and business skills based on ideas from inspiring books and Ted Talks. His background in psychology and language learning has shown him that there is a much better, more natural and effective way to become a confident English speaker. To learn more about how you can naturally improve your English while also becoming a better version of yourself, go to  
Go over and subscribe to Kevin’s podcast in the iTunes store!
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What activities put you into a flow state?
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