Lindsay McMahon
"The English Adventurer"

Are you immersing yourself in English?

Today you’ll learn 5 awesome strategies to avoid burnout as an English learner!

What is burnout?

Burnout is when you hit a wall and you can’t go any further.

Lindsay experienced burnout when she was a teenager, as a tennis player because she had been playing too much!

She felt tired, bored, and had to take some time off.



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How can you avoid burnout?

  • Reward yourself- recognize what you have done well: Measure your improvement and give yourself some credit if you have reached your goal. Sit back and relax for a bit and reflect on all of your hard work.
  • Set your focus on very specific goals or the reason that you are learning English: What exactly do you want to do? Do you want to be able to lead a meeting in English? Give a presentation? Read a book? Once you have set your goals, put blinders on. Don’t worry about other English goals. Focus on one specific goal to avoid burnout.
  • Take a day off: Forget about your goals for a day. Hang out and put your feet up! Maybe hang out with people from your home country and don’t speak English.
  • Set realistic expectations: Push yourself, but be reasonable. Make sure you get the right balance between pushing yourself and being kind to yourself.


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What are you doing to avoid burnout?

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