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how to enter a conversation with guns blazing

We know that the issue of carrying a gun is highly debated in the United States.

Guns are such a huge part of our history.

They are also in our language.

Today Jessica and Lindsay will answer a question about the slogan, “In guns we trust”

Plus you’ll learn three conversational expressions about guns that are common in American English.

Let’s start with the question from Kaori:

I said I am against guns, and got a bit offended by the slogan, please don’t get me wrong, I understand “to each his own”. I respect other perspective. Even my father belongs to a hunting club here in Japan. I don’t offend that.  I just thought the words in the slogan “trust and in” sounded too strong for T-shirts although it’s controversial and delicate issue nowadays. But you can say that is the way it is to be a slogan, strong message..and I also admire that you have an “open dialog” in your culture.
Anyway, I just am hoping peaceful world…
At first I thought the slogan was “We trust in guns.” But as I googled, it is “In guns we trust” I read some articles which use the slogan as titles, most of the articles are all about Christianity. I couldn’t get what the slogan means from those articles. So I needed to ask you about it since you talked about gun control on the show several times. Would you help me get to know more about American culture?  -Kaori
This is a great question!
This phrase “In guns we trust” is a reference to a common phrase in our language which is “In God we trust.”
This phrase appears on our money in the United States.
People who are pro-gun tend to be conservative and are often Christians.
By taking this phrase “In God we trust” and replacing it with “In guns we trust” the slogan shows how strongly gun supporters believe in the right to carry guns and shows the idea that guns will save us and that guns are important.

Phrases about guns that you should know:

  • To be under the gun: To be under a tight deadline. You have to finish a lot of work or tasks by a certain time. You feel the pressure of a deadline.
    • A: Can you go see a movie with me this weekend?
    • B: I wish I could but I am under the gun with deadlines on these new textbooks I am writing.
  • To stick to one’s guns: To explicitly state your opinion on something and to stick to it. You will not give in. You will follow through and maintain your position no matter what.
  • With guns blazing: You enter into a situation with energy, force, and feeling. Another expression that is similar is, “firing on all cylinders.”


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