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prevent workplace panic in English

Do you panic at work when a colleague comes up to you and asks you a question?

Do you experience First Listening Shock?

Do you feel paralyzed?

Today find out exactly how to prevent these types of awkward situations so that you can build real connections with your colleagues in English.

You’ll get 6 key phrases to get started with this strategy in English.


“Now I live in Virginia and I get on the job training in a US company. I always feel fears when I meet someone in the hallway or kitchen of the office because I can’t predict topics of talking and I cannot prepare to catch key words when I speak with natives. I am afraid to join group talks because the conversation is always so fast and I can’t say anything. Please give me tips to overcome this.: Thanks, Kaori


Great question!

We understand why this is stressful.

You are experiencing First Listening Shock.

That means that when you are already stressed out and you are expecting to not understand then you hear a native say something, you panic.

You have a wall up in your head that is preventing you from understanding.

The conversation starts and the first phrase you hear you don’t understand and it ruins the rest of the conversation.

You become paralyzed.

You can’t connect with the other person.

You say, “I didn’t get it so I am never gonna get it”


The good news!

There is a strategy to help you overcome this First Listening Shock.

You need to build a schema.

What is a schema? It is an expectation. It is a picture in your mind of what you are likely to hear based on the place and situation that you’re in.

It will help you guess what someone is likely to ask you.

When you have a schema you are going in there armed with knowledge so you recognize things more quickly.

Today we’ll talk about the common questions that happen in the office and we’ll give you some native speaker ways of speaking that you might not know about.


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Monday Morning Schema!

  • “So what did you get up to this weekend?”
  • “How was your weekend?”


Wednesday Schema:

  • “What does your day look like today?”
  • “How’s your week going?”


Friday Schema:

  • “What are you up to this weekend?” (contrast this with the Monday phrase. Be careful. They are similar)


Your Challenge:

We want you to not only be ready for these questions, but also go out and use these questions to start a conversation at work.

Always build your schema before you go into a situation.

That is the key to feeling strong and confident.

If you want to build the skills in a step by step manner, join our course here.


What questions do you have about today’s episode?

Let us know in the comments below.



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