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how to use likewise in English

Do you know how to use the phrase “likewise”?

This is a phrase that some native speakers of English use.

Today you’ll find out what it means and how to use it.


Hey Lindsay, Hey Michelle-

I have a question about the Episode 657– where you explained the use of “likewise.”

I understood everything but I got confused. Now I work in customer service for the US and I talk to non native speakers as well as natives on a daily basis and I have heard from non native speakers at the end of the call when I say “have a nice day” they say “likewise” not many times but I have heard it a few times.

I figured that they were not natives so I am not sure if that is the correct use of that word and I would like to know what are the other correct uses of the world likewise because I remember you said there were other good uses of that word- also I would like to know how to reply when people say “have a good day” “have a nice day.”

If there is already an episode tell me the number and I’ll look it up.

I love you girls and see you next time!


What does the word “likewise” mean?

According to the dictionary: It’s an adverb and it means “in the same way,” “also,” or “similarly.”

For example: I ate an apple, and Johnny did likewise. (You could also say Johnny did too).

I think of this as being a cute way to say “me too.”

It makes me think of a southern accent but it can be used with all American accents.


However, it can be awkward sometimes:

For example:

A: I like coffee.

B: Likewise!

This sounds strange and it does not work in this context.


Things you could say instead of likewise:

  • Same here
  • Me too
  • I do, too!


When someone says “have a good day!” what can you say?

  • you too!
  • thanks, have a good one!
  • ditto *bonus -not said too often, but it’s a choice and I like how it sounds
  • same to you



It’s important what kind of energy you have in your voice, especially if you’re on the phone or you work in customer service.

That voice energy is often more important than the actual words that you say so don’t get caught in perfection.


What questions do you have?

Let us know in the comments below.

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