Lindsay McMahon
"The English Adventurer"

how to write your English New Years Resolutions

Happy New Year!

Today is New Years Day.

It’s a great time to sit down and set our goals, make our vision boards, and figure out what we want 2018 to look like.

However, sometimes it’s easy to draw a blank when it comes to setting goals.

That’s why today we have some of our favorite 2018 goals.

We’ll say why we like them, what they might do for you, and then you can pick and choose.

Hopefully these will be starting points for you to come up with your own ideas as well.


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8 ideas for your New Years resolution:

1) Professional:  Earn one new certification in your career. This could be an online course on a new skill that you’d like to improve like Microsoft Excel, it could be a program like Toastmasters to improve your presentation skills. There are so many possibilities. What would move your career forward and allow you to create more value for your employer?


2) Intellectual: Start a book club. Gather 4 or 5 people.  Read a new book once per month. Include wine and beer and maybe dinner. This will create a sense of community, and intellectual challenge. When it comes to choosing books, try rotating between fiction and non-fiction every month.


3) Health:  Experiment with a new kind of diet. This year I integrated more plant-based foods into my diet. I switched from cow’s milk to flax milk. Consider what changes you want to make to your own diet this year and focus on one specific kind of food that you eat regularly.


4)  Relationship: Have one date night per week.


5) Travel: Go some place where you are an outsider once every 3 months. It doesn’t have to be far away. It could even be a neighborhood in your own city. The experience of being an outsider and being in a new place helps us feel alive.


6) Health: Learn a new physical activity like rowing or Capoeira. It keeps your brain brain healthy and young, forming new pathways.


7) Health: Get a standing desk


8) Overall: Break one bad habit. My bad habit is checking my email too much. You can rewire your brand and change what activities create a dopamine release which eventually creates a habit. Replace old habits with new ones that create more value in your life and are healthier.




These are just ideas for you to get started thinking.

Sit down today and write out a few things for yourself.

Jan 1st is an arbitrary day.

You could do these on March 12th or October 10th, but there should be one day every year, or even every quarter that you sit down and evaluate where your life is going.

Let’s finish with a great quote from Mark Victor Hansen: “By recording your goals and dreams on paper, you set in motion the process of becoming the person you most want to be. Put your future in good hands – your own”


What questions do you have today?

Write your goals in the comments below.

What kind of year will 2018 be for you?

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