Lindsay McMahon
"The English Adventurer"

how to identify your unique zone of genius

Do you know what your zone of genius is?

Everyone has a talent or set of skills that they do better than most people.

The most successful people are able to identify that talent and use it in their careers or personal lives.

What is yours?

In today’s episode you’ll find out how to identify your unique talent.


The basic idea:

As you grow up and become an adult you develop a unique strength or ability that you do better than most people.

You don’t notice that you are good at this activity because it feels natural and easy to you.

Time flies when you are doing this activity.

It creates results and value in the world.


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How can you find your true strength?

If you could spend more time working within your strength every day you would make more money and help more people in your career.

If you spend time trying to find your unique strength then you are not being selfish or self-centered.

Instead, you are identifying how you can create the most value in the world.


Steps to find your unique ability:

Start with a few assessments. Strengths Finder is a great place to start.

Talk with friends and family.

Find the parallels with all of the evidence.

You can also try taking the Enneagram which is a personality test.


What are our strengths?

Jessica’s #1 strength is Achiever. As an achiever she needs clear goals. She writes everything down.

Lindsay has “futurist” in her top 5 strengths.

Futurist means that you are always looking ahead and creating a vision for the future.

Lindsay’s bottom strength was analytical.

When it comes to your bottom strength you can do the task but it doesn’t come naturally.

Try the book Unique Ability. The concept was developed by business coach Dan Sullivan.

This is where we hone in on 1 thing that is our unique ability rather than a set of strengths.

An example of unique ability would be to ask good questions that elicit powerful answers from entrepreneurs.


Give this a try.

Find out what your strengths are and what your unique ability is.

Leave a comment below and let us know.

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