Lindsay McMahon
"The English Adventurer"

Have you ever heard a native say “there you go”?

Do you know what it means?

You might know the most obvious definition of it but do you know the other, more natural ways to use it?

We’re going to show you what those are today!


Let’s start with a question from a listener:

“When it comes to “there you go”, I think there’s no need to explain it. It’s so commonly used that every day, I hear the expression at least once at stores, workplaces, and everywhere. I would be thankful if you could help me to get their meaning clearly and give me some examples that I can use like native speakers. Thank you so much.”

Best regards, Dani Choi


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How it’s used:

  • There you go (to encourage someone)
    • A: Hey what did you get an your SAT exam?
    • B: I only got a 1200 but I need a 1500 to apply to Harvard.
    • A: Well what are you gonna do?
    • B: I’m just gonna dig in. Work harder, get a tutor.
    • There you (ya) go, that’s the spirit.
  • Well there ya go (to go along with an obvious answer, to say, “therefore”)
    • A: I was wondering why this apartment was so cheap.
    • B: Oh yeah? Did it seem too good to be true?
    • A: Yeah I mean low price, good area, beautiful hardwood floors then I met the landlord. He’s seems sketchy and he said the building had a bug problem last month.
    • B: Ah well there ya go.
  • There you go (used when we’re handling something, giving something to someone)
    • A: Do you need anything else today ma’am?
    • B: No that’ll be it.
    • A: Okay it’s 27.45.
    • B: Okay there you go. (He hands the money to her)
    • A: Thanks do you need a bag?
    • B: Nope.



Never assume that a phrase only has one meaning!

Try to always go deeper with the language.

Today we’ve shown you a fun way to use this phrase in a new way.

Now listen for it and look for the  2nd and 3rd meanings in other phrases too.


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