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How do you know when you have achieved fluency in English?

How do you get there? Whether you are preparing for your IELTS Exam or just working on your general fluency, how do you know when you have made big steps with learning English?

Find out today.


It’s All A Learning Process That You Must Commit To

Part of fluency is how to convey your feelings properly.

It’s not always easy but it’s a big part of learning how to speak the language well.

This is a culture of communication, and so this is an important lesson.

When you get to a point where you can communicate the way that you feel using the right words then you have really come far with mastering the language.

A positive habit is learning to use English in your everyday life. It may not be easy at first, but it really shows when you can communicate and comment using English without even thinking about it.

Everyone using English has the same questions. There are some positive English habits that can help you to progress.

Let’s take a look at a letter which can help us to see the questions that so many of us have.

Today we have a question from a listener:

From Omad in Iran

Even though I know that you need a specific conversation. How should we exercise? And how do we measure our progress? How much does it take for a normal person to become fluent in English? What are the methods to master fluency?


What are the best methods to learn English on a daily basis? 

  1. Immersion: Our programs help to immerse you into the language and really ensure that you are forced to use the language properly and fluently. You have to push yourself and start today by thinking how you are using the language on an everyday basis. Learn about our summer immersion programs here.
  2. Develop daily habits: Start to transition over to English from places that you use your first language in your everyday life. Consider where you can replace English for your first language, keep pushing yourself in this way.
  3. Meetups: Go to or find local events or opportunities on a local basis. This is set up to manufacture the learning and forcing you to speak.
  4. Be around native speakers: Produce by being in conversations and situations where you are talking to native speakers. You can get into a variety of conversations.

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How do you check your progress?

  • How comfortable was that? How much translation did I have to do? There are times when you can actually see your progress happening before you. The more comfortable that you are getting, the more that this is happening for you. If you don’t need translation help and you start to speak naturally, then it means it’s all coming together.
  • Did you actually feel that human connection? You can tell if somebody gets you and you make a true connection with somebody. You can tell if what you are saying is resonating with the person you are talking to. It’s almost as if in that moment it all comes together and you can feel the connection–that’s huge progress!
  • Get involved in a course or local immersion event to check your progress: This helps you to not only speak English but measure your progress. The more involved that you are the more that you are practicing on a daily basis. Get outside of your comfort zone and then you can measure your progress firsthand.


How long does it take to improve? 

There is no one set answer to this.

There are many variables that factor into this process.

The following questions and ideas can help you to measure your progress and see how long it will take you to improve.

  • How much time are you spending with English on a daily basis? There is likely always room for improvement and that’s an important point to decipher. If you are falling back on your first language then push yourself to use English instead. The more time that you practice English, the more that this will work to your advantage.
  • What level are you starting at? This is important to think through because if you have some English speaking experience that puts you ahead. If this is all new then you have to give yourself time to grow and learn.
  • Are you interacting with native speakers on a daily basis? This is one of the best teachers so put yourself in situations where you can interact with native speakers. Be certain that you allow for this interaction often even if it’s in a public setting because it can help a lot.
  • Can you feel yourself improving? You know when you are getting better because you can feel it. The more that you feel these small steps happening, the better you will be. Pay attention to these signs and eventually you will begin speaking English without any hesitation.
  • Recognize that fluency doesn’t mean perfection: Don’t ever feel bad if you make mistakes. The truth is that mistakes are part of the learning process and you need them to grow. Even native English speakers make mistakes so don’t let this hold you back.

Grow as a person and enjoy the journey and the learning process.

Keep checking yourself and keep having conversations rather than being afraid of what people are saying.



You can feel it when you’ve made some progress.

Keep pushing yourself, and keep giving yourself opportunities to speak English and master the language.

There is no such thing as perfection and there is no formula for what it takes to get to where you want to be.

Just keep speaking English and keep pushing yourself.

Keep talking to native speakers and ensuring that you can grow as you work at progress each and everyday.


Keep the questions coming–if you have a question please leave it in the comments below. 




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