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American culture and self improvement

Have you ever considered how to improve the person that you are?

Are there things that you have tried to change or improve about yourself?

Why are Americans addicted to “self improvement?”

Why is this such a big thing within the US?

We’re going to look at what self improvement really means in English, and why it’s so important to Americans.


It’s A Huge Industry For A Reason

The self improvement industry is a huge one within the US.

Nobody spends as much money in the self help industry as Americans do.

Why are we always trying to improve ourselves?

It may have to do with the “American dream” life and trying to be your best self.

We’re always trying to improve ourselves, both inside and out.

We have a love of growth and trying to get better or strive for something great.


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What Does Self Improvement Really Mean?

There are sure to be things that we don’t like or want to improve about the person that we are.

True self help means that you are not okay all the time, but you are always working to improve things.

“Baggage” in English is all about bad things that have happened in the past.

These bad things can influence or affect your present or your future.

Self improvement is about turning those negatives into positives.

We may have baggage or negative parts of who we are, but we try to change them into positives.


Key Vocabulary for Self Improvement:

  • “Live your best life”
  • “Do the work”
  • “Be your best self”
  • “Have your best life”


The Various Aspects of Self Improvement

There are several things that contribute to self improvement.

Though this is a very individual thing, there are certain aspects that help to determine what self improvement is.

  • It comes down to your personal philosophy on life and who you want to be.
  • It’s all about living your best life and considering what that may mean for you.
  • It may mean taking care of yourself or surrounding yourself with good, positive people.
  • It’s about manifesting your goals, which means having positive thoughts will bring positive things to you.

These are deeper concepts, but certainly things that we can all think of and reflect on.


Changing The Way We View Things

We can’t rearrange the world, but we can certainly improve the way that we see things.

We can’t control what happens outside of who we are, but we can change our reaction or the way that we think.

You don’t want to let the experiences, especially the bad ones, influence the path of your life.

We are suckers for the “underdog” which means the person who is not expected to do well or succeed.

We love to see the underdog grow and transform their life and the person that they are.

If we are the underdog, it can mean even greater motivation to do well.

No matter what though, it’s all about changing the way we view things or think about them.



Some people consider why we’re here or what the purpose of our life is.

This is what is at the heart of self improvement.

You may do some serious thinking about who you are and the life that you live.

Self improvement is about working to improve the things that you can.

It is also about changing the way that you think of things or view the world.

When you learn to embrace the person that you are and work at improvement, you are happier and you can make better connections too.


If you have any questions, please leave them below in the comments section.

We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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