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Have you felt or do you currently feel homesick?

What happens to your mind and body when you feel homesick?

If you are away from home for too long, or in a totally different culture, then being homesick is quite common.

We’re going to look at how to handle being homesick and ways of coping with this very real emotion.


Consider What Happens Leading To This Feeling

Something happens when you feel homesick.

It may be worth considering the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of feeling homesick.

If you have ever gone through this, then you know firsthand how hard it can be on you.

There’s a great article on being homesick that is worth taking a look at.

Basically, the article identifies homesick, explains why and how it happens, and how to cope.

A great quote from the article is:

“It’s a transition between two worlds. The analogy I always use is a swimming pool. It doesn’t feel good when we get in at first,” she said. “If we immediately got out, we’d think, ‘Why do people like swimming pools? This feels awful.’ But if you stay in, you see that you do adjust and then you feel good.”


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There Can Be Various Stages and Ways of Feeling Homesick

As with so many other emotions, being homesick doesn’t happen the same way for everyone.

You want to consider your own situation and the way that you feel things.

There are a few common things to expect or look for when you feel homesick.

  • You may look for things that are familiar to you in order to get comfort
  • You may miss little things from home that you didn’t even realize were important to you
  • You may crave or require structure though this may have never been important to you before
  • You may get anxious and feel a loss of control
  • You may grieve your life at home and long for it

There are no right or wrong ways to experience being homesick, but these are common things to be aware of.

If you feel any of these, then you are likely feeling homesick and want to work towards creating a more positive experience.


How Can You Work Through Feeling Homesick?

This may be different for everyone, but there are some helpful tips that allow you to cope.

Give yourself time to get used to your new surroundings and know that these negative feelings will likely subside soon.

If you are really struggling, here are some things that can help you moving forward.

  • Know that nothing is abnormal about this feeling and that it will go away over time–though it may return once in awhile.
  • Instead of the proverbial “stay busy” it may be best to “stay engaged” ― whether that’s with school, your job, other people, the gym, your church or synagogue
  • Make your situation what you want–find ways to be happier and think of what would help you to get to a more positive place. 
  • Speak with others and never let yourself be alone or feel isolated for too long.
  • Get involved and find areas where you can help or keep yourself entertained or stimulated.

There are always great ways to integrate yourself into the local culture.

Though you may miss home, you do want to be sure to give your new environment a chance.



Feeling homesick is an important real emotion.

Many of us have felt it and it’s quite normal and common

Stay busy, have a routine, and realize that this is natural.

We want to share this  because we have a feeling it’s something many of you have gone through or are going through right now.

Culture shock is a huge part of this, but there are ways to improve your situation.

We will do follow up on how to express yourself when you are homesick!


If you have any questions, please leave them below in the comments section.

We’ll get back to you as soon as we can. 

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